Dorico License problem

I have a problem with opening DORICO 4. I have registered my license. But when I want to open DORICO. I always have to log in again. it’s very tedious and annoying. I hope there is a mistake somewhere and it is not part of the new licensing. If so, there is no benefit and I’d rather stay with licensing via e-licenser …

Are you on Windows? Do you have a non-Latin character in your Windows username? If so this is a bug in the Steinberg Activation Manager, for which we hope to have a fix shortly. There is a workaround for the time being as described in this thread: Steinberg Activation Manager keeps asking for activation - #8 by valsolim

Yes, I only use Latin letters and numbers.

Could you post a picture of your C:\Users\ directory listing? Also, could you find your %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager directory, zip it up, and post it here?

I found the Steinberg Activation Manager folder, but it’s empty

Could you post a picture of your C:\Users\ directory listing?


Wouldn’t that help?

Aha, so you have a non-ASCII character in your username - the “á”. So in this case it is the bug I described in my first post. If you enable the “Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support” the problem will go away, but we also aim to release a new version of SAM which will fix this issue.

Great, Richard !!! Now it works. Thank you very much!