Dorico not responding to mouse clicks properly

Hello all,

I’m experiencing this odd behaviour of my system/Dorico/my mouse:
Very often, Dorico doesn’t respond to my mouse clicks. At the moment I’m still setting up my house style. And whenever I’m trying to click “Apply” after changing something in Engraving Options, Layout Options, Master Pages, … I have to hit “Apply” twice or three times to get Dorico to acknowledge my clicks.
The same thing is true when I’m switching between Setup/Write/Engrave mode by clicking in the tabs.

I haven’t had a chance to input a lot of music so far, but Dorico’s response seems to be laggy/not responding properly to my mouse clicks as well.

I’ve searched this forum and came across a couple of posts where people were reporting performance issues on specific Macs?

I’m on 10.13.6 and my machine is a MacBook Pro Mid 2014 (11,3), 2,5GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD… specs should be fine.

Any thoughts?

I don’t know if it applies in this instance but I believe the team have identified an issue with mouse clicking which they’re addessing at the moment.

I occasionally get the same errors as you - although most of the time when I’m in note input mode things seem to be running smoothly.

Dear Jochen,
In the meantime an update comes and solves your issue, I urge you to learn the Dorico way, which means using the mouse as little as possible, especially when it comes to music entry. The keyboards (computer keyboard and MIDI keyboard) are the key to high efficiency here :wink:

Marc, I can’t see that that’s terribly helpful in the options dialogs - you might have to hit Tab a huge number of times to get focus to the Apply button…

Jochen, are you using the touchpad on the Macbook? If so, are you clicking it or just tapping it? You might find that clicking it is more reliable than tapping.

Dear Leo,
You’re absolutely right, I was mislead by David’s comment on input mode… I hope this issue will be solved soon. I had to quit once or twice and relaunch because I felt Dorico did not respond as usual. Looks like tough times for the team…

Thanks, David.
I’ve found this post which seems to report the same issue:
It doesn’t look like it has been resolved yet.

Thanks, pianoleo.
You might have hit the mark here!
Generally, I’m using the Kensington Expert Mouse. I was never using the MacBook’s trackpad with Dorico until a few minutes ago to mull over your question.
And interestingly enough, my first impression is that Dorico’s response to the Mac’s trackpad is significantly better compared to the Kensington Expert Mouse. I will have to investigate this further. But I’ll definitely have an eye on the Expert Mouse and also test Dorico with a different mouse.

Any Expert Mouse users out there?

I think the problem in my case seems to be the Kensington Expert mouse!

Mac Trackpad is working just fine, tap and click.
I’ve found an old Dell mouse, 2 buttons and a click-wheel, works fine as well.

It’s only when I’m using the Expert Mouse that Dorico is not responding properly.
I’ve installed Kensington’s current drivers – no change.

Not sure what to do now… Dorico team?
I don’t really wanna give up the Expert Mouse…

We have been looking into the problems where Dorico appears not to receive the mouse-up event some of the time, and it seems to be a bug in the underlying Qt application framework. The most recent beta versions of Qt appear no longer to have this problem, which seems to have been introduced in Qt 5.12 (which Dorico 3.x uses; Dorico 2.x used Qt 5.11). We believe users should therefore no longer experience these problems as of our next release, which will make use of Qt 5.14.

That’s very promising news indeed, Daniel! Thumbs up!

Hi Daniel, is the next release fixing the tap-to-click issue, still far? If so, is an intermediate fix to be expected? Or, maybe a beta with the Qt version replaced?


The next release is coming relatively soon, but not (as originally planned) before the end of the year, so it will be early next year.

Ah, that’s a shame.

Given that Daniel usually schedules releases (Tuesday-Thursday) when he and his colleagues can be on this forum to help support the transition, and given that Christmas is two weeks away and New Years the week after that, the most logical window for release before next year would have been next week–and Daniel often feels free to mention a release when it becomes imminent, perhaps sooner than the Team felt was safe.

As much as I look forward to any new update to the software, I’m happy to wait until the Team feels the release is ready and to give them the benefit of a happy holiday season with their families and friends.

(No Russian collusion was involved in the Kremlinology above.)

Completely agree.

I said it was a shame only because I was looking forward to it.

You can still look forward to it, of course. In fact, you now have more looking forward to it to look forward to.

Will the new Qt version handle dialog screens better? Specifically some of the larger, like file properties go below my screen and I can’t find Apply and Close. My work around is Tab and Enter from the last input box, and hope it’s doing Apply.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I always look forward to the updates. Not just for the big new elements, the ones that tend to grab the headlines, but for the host of other improvements that also appear as well. Anyway, 2020 - here’s looking forward to you.

Heck, I’m already also looking forward to the next update likely around mid summer (even though I have no idea what will be in it)…and the one after that…and the next paid upgrade.

This is what happens when a development team has an amazing track record!

Certainly the next version of Dorico will follow the Windows display scale factor more properly than it does now (e.g. if you choose a Windows scale factor of 125%, Dorico itself will be scaled at 125%, rather than at 150% as it is at present).