Dorico on iPad and using iCloud drive. What's your workflow?


I’m not generally an Apple user, so these may be noobish questions. But I’ll try and explain what I want.

I uploaded a dorico project from my desktop (a windows machine) to my iCloud drive. Then I went into Dorico on the iPad and opened it from there. I opened it and was working on it, but then it gave me an error and now it seems like the file is corrupted or something. Instead, it saved a copy of that file directly to my iPad in my dorico projects folder. No biggie, I purposefully did this to test it all out, so it’s not like a lost much work.

But anyway. What I want to happen is this, and I’m not sure if it’s possible:

I want to be working on a project in my iCloud drive and have it automatically save (or I can manually save, either way), and then I just go back to my desktop, download from my iCloud and it’s exactly where I left off. But I can’t seem to get this to work. What is your guys’ workflow? Is this possible?

Thank you.

Dorico ipad has gone through several updates and is still in the process of fine-tuning details regarding iCloud storage.

My workflow is as follows when I do a project on my Mac mini I save it in my personal folder in iCloud it is a folder that contains several sub folders with all the projects organized in different classes.

When I am away from home and need to continue with the project I open it from the iPad file app. Any changes I make are reflected in the project when I open it again on my Mac mini.

Now when I open a new project from my iPad, the process is the same, only the
File is saved in a folder that dorico automatically creates in iCloud, this folder is only visible to me on my Mac mini, I cannot access it from my iPad as it is hidden, the dorico team is still working on it with apple staff as not all users have the same problem. Still those projects are available from the dorico iPad hub, when I am on my Mac mini I can access them from the corresponding folder, when I finish I move it to my personal iCloud folder in its respective.

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I should have been specific that my desktop is a Windows machine, so I’m only working with iCloud in the sense I’m actually having to upload the files there.

It seems the “best” way is for me to just email myself the new dorico projects and update them? Maybe?

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I don’t know how iCloud works on Windows but my understanding was that it is through the web page similar to google drive, and it would be upload the file and there in the dorico folder and ready, it should update the information.

So are you saying that rather than opening up dorico, and clicking on “import file from icloud” or whatever…you just browse your files on the ipad and open the file that’s in your icloud? then dorico saves all the changes to that file automatically, correct?

That’s right. If you’re encountering an error message that appears not long after you open the project on your iPad, that’s a known problem that will be fixed in the next Dorico for iPad update, which is coming soon. If you’d like to get a peek at it ahead of time, send me a private message with your Apple ID email address, and I’ll add you to the TestFlight beta group.


I described my workflow in an earlier topic.

My Dorico workflow/file handling, curious about yours

For the most part this is still true, but Dorico-for-iPad now has open in Place. This is an extra argument for me to use Dorico-for-iPad less and less. I find the autosave function far too dangerous and turns my workflow upside down because files are overwritten unsolicited.
When I use Dorico for iPad I first make a copy on my NAS and open it on the iPad. This is only much more work and the workflow is not clear.
I hope there will be a possibility to switch off autosave and simply save manually.


I’m in agreement here with the auto save being a problem. This follows the same pattern as Pages & Numbers on the Mac; opening an older document to use as a starting point for example, or to create a different version, one has to remember to DUPLICATE the document immediately as any changes will be instantly written to the original. This happens all the time when I’m re-invoicing an existing client and use the last invoice to start. It’s somewhat annoying!

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Totally agree, it is necessary to have the option to save in iPad dorico.

Please remove the auto save option, or at least make it optional, that the user can choose to enable or disable that feature in the preferences



Agree. The file handling is incomprehensible. Why doesn’t it even have a "save to icloud” button?

Apple’s default file handling paradigm is that changes are continually saved as you go along (and at closing), and manually saving a document is not required.

Why not use an empty template document instead?

I think the interface and usage is fine, my problem is that if you have any Windows machines using iCloud there are reliability problems, in that edits get lost. The presumption is that it’s the addition of Windows, we don’t know because being Apple it’s all opaque.