dorico percussion grace note with slur (flam)

I try to find how to create slur or ties to grace notes in percussion or drums but can’t find
help for a solution

The procedure is exactly the same for percussion as it is for regular pitched instruments. Can you be more specific about where you’re running into difficulties?

Hello Daniel,
I tried what you said in an other post but doesn’t work with percussion :

If you click the grace note and then Ctrl+click the normal-sized note to which you want it to be tied and then hit T (outside of note input, i.e. when the caret is not visible), you’ll be able to tie everything you need to tie.

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You shouldn’t need to do that in any case, because the grace note and the main rhythmic note will be in the same voice, so simply selecting the grace note and hitting T should be sufficient.

Thanks but doesn’t work here: can’t undestand what I do wrong!!?
Neither work also if I select the tie before to write grace notes (percussion or normal)

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Are you trying to tie two notes together that aren’t the same pitch? If so, you need a slur rather than a tie.

Hello Pianolo,
Thanks yes for note’s music “S” work but what I need is the both solutions for drums:

B is still a slur, because there’s an unslurred/untied note in between the first note and the last note.

I tried with slur but not really great…see:
Must I go in engrave mode to adjust all the slur for fla’s in my partition?
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I don’t know what your Notation Options or Engraving Options look like, but I get this with the defaults (but with Notation Options > Percussion set to Use Single Voice):

I’ve flipped some stem directions and a couple of the slurs, but that can be done in Write mode.

Hi Pianoleo,
Thanks for the lesson: the solution was to set Notation Options > Percussion set to Use Single Voice
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