Dorico Pro 2 cannot add pedal line when ossia

Since Dorico Pro 2, I cannot add a pedal to my piano line on a rather complicated file (many ossias as ochestral reductions in an opera act.)
I tried with a small file with a solo piano and the pedal adds perfectly, so I don’t know where the problem comes from… but I thought it could be useful to mention it here.

Marc, did you search? :wink:

Yes I did ! And did not find anything — though I think I read something about other lines but could not figure out what it was ! Leo, do you have a clue? I’m searching again but cannot find that thread…

Thanks, Leo. I think people should be explicit in the title of the thread, this one did not even appear neither with the forum search tool nor with google, with Dorico 2 pedal ossia problem terms…
Anyway, thanks to you and my explicit title, everyone will eventually find the answer. Glad to know that this is something that is being taken care of.