Dorico Pro 3 crashes often

Dorico 3 crashes often on my Mac : suddenly, the multicolored Mac OS wheel turns indefinitely.
I can’t precisely define the circumstances of the crash. It seems that crashes happen more often when I open.xml files.
In attachement, the Apple report.
Thank you by forehand.
Bug (169 KB)

When you restart Dorico, you need to go to Help–Diagnostics Report and post that here.

The colored beach ball indicates a hang, it’s not a crash.
I found (as other people) that Dorico 3 can crash (I experienced very few problems until now with Dorico prior version 3) if I try and change the name of a player in Setup mode, with an orchestral file, condensing enabled. The crash is that Dorico quits without a warning. What you’re experiencing is a hang : Dorico is waiting for some operation to be performed but the result never comes… Dan is right: diagnostic can help the team to help you.

Thank you Dan.
What is the difference between Help–Diagnostics Report and the file I attached here ?

You called it an Apple report. I don’t use Apple OS, but the report you should post here is a report generated specifically by Dorico.

Dear Koenraad,

Just so you know, Help --> Diagnostics Report will “silently” (without a save window or confirmation dialogue) create a zip file on your desktop (“Dorico”). It apparently includes a lot of Dorico-specific information unavailable in the OS X-generated reports, though sometimes the team also asks users to sample & spindump from Activity Monitor in addition.

Where can I find this report ?

Excuse-me, samreed, I had not see your message. I’ll follow your way the next time its hangs (thanks to Marc for the precision of terminology).

Koenraad, you can still produce a Diagnostics report now. The chances are it’ll still contain the data from the crash, earlier.

Here is it :
Dorico (453 KB)

That might’ve been a small typo, but just to be absolutely clear: when Dorico is in the middle of a hang, Help --> Create Diagnostic Report won’t create anything, but as Leo said you can run it after restarting Dorico. (You can, however, run Sample Process and Spindump (from Activity Monitor) while Dorico is in the midst of a hang, if the team ever asks you to provide those.)

Also, though I admit I don’t know the details of why it helps, sometimes if you experience frequent hangs, resetting the SMC and the PRAM (sometimes called NVRAM) can help. No guarantees, but it might be worth trying. The specific method to reset these depends on what model Mac you have; there are instructions on the Apple knowledge base if you want to give it a try.

Thank you, samreed.
I did what you say : reset of the SMC and the PRAM.
Dorico hangs still : the issue became after copy/past a whole score from an .xml score to a new score.
Here is the diagnostic I create just after restarting Dorico.
Dorico (418 KB)

It looks to me as if Dorico hung while saving because the audio engine had crashed just before you tried to save. Dorico doesn’t know the audio engine has crashed (it’s a separate process) and asks the engine for the VST plug-in data so it can be saved into the project, but it sits there and waits indefinitely because it doesn’t know the engine has died and cannot send the answer.

The question, therefore, is why the audio engine itself has crashed. I’ll pass the relevant crash logs on to Ulf to see if he can figure out what’s going wrong.

Good midday Daniel,
Thank you for your attention. Indeed, Dorico hung when I tried to save the file, and I think it becomes every time in the same circumstance.
Best regards.

I updated to 3.0.10 ; I did updated the ELicenser Control Center following what you says here :
But the issue becomes yet. The problem is that the issue don’t become always : I can work during a day or two without encounter problem. The two latest times it became, it was just after change and return on my Mac session.
Thanks by forehand.

Ulf says that the crashes you have been experiencing are not among those we have seen before. Can you please provide an updated set of diagnostic reports now that you have updated to Dorico 3.0.10 when the problem next occurs? If the problem appears to be related to a specific project, it would also be helpful for you to zip up and attach that project.

Thank you ; I’ll do it the next time it shall become.

Here is the Spindump file (created during the hang up) (294 KB)
Here is the Dorico’s diagnostic (after relaunch Dorico)
Dorico (397 KB)
Here is the score
La fuite en É (622 KB)
Thank you by forehand.

Thanks for the updated logs. We’ll take a look and come back to you after we’ve further conferred.

That’s very nice of you.
I’ll try to test Dorico after closing the others sessions of my Mac ; I wonder if opening several simultaneous sessions is not the cause of the problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you, after almost a month of using Dorico (coming from Sibelius), that I am extremely satisfied with it. I remain very appreciative of the work of the London team. Software is never intelligent, but it is a pleasure to work with a tool that shows the intelligence of those who built it.