Dorico Pro 3 insert l.v. Ties

Hello team and colleagues,
I’m wandering how can I attach Let Vibrate Ties to notes? These ties don’t have endpoints to another notes.
For more info check the screenshot (the ties after the half notes):
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It’s in the properties panel.

Leo hello,
Would you, please, show me where exactly in the Properties Panel? What I need to select in order this function to appear?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Follow the steps here :slight_smile:

Lillie and Leo, thank you very much for the help! :slight_smile:

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Will be eager to see if they’ve addressed the lack of a “leftward-opening” l.v. tie in an upcoming update (for use after repeat endings, etc.) since it’s at least a minor pain to have to manually re-adjust a right-opening one in Engrave Mode in order to currently effect this…
Best (and looking forward to whatever is coming, though, of course!)

No, we have not made any changes in that area, and that is not how we would choose to tackle the problem. When we come to tackle the problem of ongoing items at repeat endings, it will be done in such a way as to make it work without you having to do things like create leftward-pointing laissez vibrer ties, but it is a hard nut to crack and will require some months of development work to achieve.


Automated ties to repeat endings would be a great feature for Dorico Pro 4. I was a bit baffled that Sibelius introduced it today prior to Dorico. But I understand that it is difficult to implement, if the underlying structure of Dorico (tied notes being one note) needs to be adapted to it.

I guess in the Dorico development team hadn’t bothered to add condensing changes in 3.1 they could have managed to do ties into repeat endings instead :wink:

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Sibelius’s approach is exactly the kind of half-solution that we would not implement in Dorico, as I already said in my reply earlier today before that new version of Sibelius was announced. And Sibelius’s solution to this problem doesn’t handle any other ongoing items like glissando lines, lyric extender lines, slurs, etc. etc.

We’ll stick to our approach of only implementing something when we can do it properly, rather than sticking in something that’s just about good enough for one specific use case. The downside is that such comprehensive, fully worked-through solutions take more time to implement than half-solutions.

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I for one (and I suspect I am not alone) am happy to wait for a quality solution.

If you save an hour on other things, and lose a minute over an backwards facing l.v. tie, you still win by 59 minutes (and it doesn’t take a whole minute to create one, anyway).

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I am all for waiting until you do your inevitably superior version (it’s certainly been worth the wait before!)

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Was going to post a similar question, so thought I’d write here. I’ve read the info here.

Has anything new come-out in 3.5? I need to do some l.v. ties before some notes, mostly to add to note at Flow starts. There are notes tied between Flows on my current project and also on some complex piano writing where real ties are not graphically possible.

No, there’s been no change in 3.5.

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