Dorico Pro 4 grace period update: when?

Greetings. It seems that I have a similar question!
Upgrading to DORICO 4 Pro from DORICO 3.5 Pro (bought and activated September/20/2021). After installation, the DORICO 4 Icon shows in my Windows 10 desktop. However, on trying to launch Dorico 4, the Activation Manager tells me that no license to Dorico was found in my account. Am I missing something? Thanks

Welcome to the forum, Aprig!
Have you received a code for Dorico 4? My understanding is that AskNet should send you one (by email). Or the team will help you :wink:

Hi Marc:
No, I did not receive a code for Dorico 4. Thanks for your help

I’m afraid this is not the right thread to talk about this. Hopefully someone will chime in to put it back to a similar thread, and the answers are there. Thread about Dorico 4 grace code
Read especially Daniel Spreadbury’s answers, as he is the most competent person here to solve your problem.

If you bought and activated Dorico Pro 3.5 as part of the End of Summer Sale in August/September 2021, you have to wait until our partners at AskNet send you the necessary Download Access Code. I’m sorry for the delay!