Dorico project player?

Hello and thank you in advanced for your reply.

I was wondering if there is in existence a “Dorico project player” - to present and playback a project - score and sound - to a possible future performer ?
All Dorico’s versions are rather heavy to download and I was wondering if there is perhaps a program relatively smaller in size - that can play the project with the sound imbedded in it so a musician will be able to see the score - hear the music and be able to make an impression…

The idea to create a screen recording came to mind but this might result a large file and not everyone will feel comfortable to use team viewer…

Sorry if this post is disturbing or irritating in any way…

Regards - Rani.

you may use the free Dorico SE version to playback any Dorico project.

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See this and add your support: Will freeze channel ever be an option?

Thanks very much for your comment.

Downloading & installing Dorico se would be - in my opinion - a toll on the accepting party, institutions, judges and performing artists might refrain from doing so.

I am suggesting an idea of developing a rather small size player - which is a file format really -
in which the instrumental sound ( “sound font” ?) is imbedded together with the notation of the music in order to maintain both the notation quality and the instrumental sound in such a way that the other party will have a similar A/V experience just like a Dorico’s user has and thus will be able to successfully review the score while listening to the music - without having to install the full software and its sound library but simply a click on the exported file will do.
It will be an option in Dorico’s EXPORT file options, resulting in a self playable file perhaps requesting a relatively small in size a program to install but preferably a self playable file.

Suppose one has written a large scale piece and would have liked it to be considered for a future performance, or an audition piece for whatever - performing or auditing per grant a scenario…
I believe something like this will be very useful although I am not sure if this is doable…

I think something of that sort - although it might sounds perhaps very imaginative and not realistic - is yet a must have option… and if possible in a one click does it all…

Thanks for your comment, cheers - Rami.

Thanks very much for your comment… I am not sure what “freeze channel” is but it might be a step in the right direction.
I’ll look again at your link.
Cheers - Rami.

What, exactly, would the advantage be of this kind of format over the classic combo of score.pdf + rendering.mp3 ? That’s been the standard way of submitting pieces for consideration for quite some time now, and even the least tech-savvy reviewers can deal with it on whatever platform they feel comfortable using. The only thing you wouldn’t have is a moving playhead, I guess.

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I would have thought that musicians and competition juries can read a score and listen to an audio rendering, surely? What is the point of a youtube style scrolling display? Personally, to tell the truth, I find them annoying, and I way prefer an ordinary score/PDF, paper or softcopy.

I think the demand for this would be very low. And by the way, welcome to the forum @Ram_Haimoff and your question is in no way disturbing or irritating!

Thank you - I wasn’t aware that one can attach audio to a pdf file.

here is a good guidance for that. although acrobat is not supported anymore.
How to Add Audio to A PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Regards - Rami

Thank you Andro very much for your kind reply.

Cheers - Rami.

I didn’t know that either, and would also advise against it… Two separate files in pretty much universally supported formats makes it easier for everyone.

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perhaps so… hmm…

Another possible option.

If you are on a Mac, a app like Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba allows you to record audio from any application in a multitude of audio formats. If you are on Windows, there may be something similar available.

Then providing the sheet music would complete the package.

hmm I thought I saw Dorico being able to export audio. I’ll check into all of that when I am done with the piece… thank you all so much for your comments :slight_smile:

You are right. It is right there under the File >> Export options.

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