Dorico won't make dotted minims (half notes)

Dear Dorico users, I’ve got a score (imported via xml) that won’t join tied half and quarter notes to dotted half notes. See the pic.

As you can see, I’ve set up Notation Options > Note Grouping parameters so that it should join up. But it stubbornly refuses. Any ideas ?

Could it be that you checked the “respect rhythmic notation” (I don’t remember exactly how it is put) in the import xml preference window? Then, a simple select all and Edit>Reset appearance should work. That’s the only idea I have now…

This has come up before:

Thanks to both of you. Marc, I tried select all > Edit . Reset appearance (and Reset Position). No luck.
Leo, I exported the flow, then (1) reimported into the original project (2) imported into a new project. Still no luck.
Any ideas?

When you say you “exported the flow”, are you saying you exported the flow from Dorico, having already imported XML? If so, that’s not going to help, because you need to give the MusicXML Import settings another bite at the cherry - a flow exported from Dorico isn’t MusicXML; it’s a Dorico file. Read the thread I linked to, do whatever I described in the long post in the middle of that thread, and import the original MusicXML again.

I’ve already done a lot of work on the score since importing from xml. If I were to reimport, I’d need to re-do everything I’ve done. So, if that’s the only solution, it’s not much help.

In future you need to look at your MusicXML Import settings before you bring in the notes. My suspicion is that they’ve ALL been brought in with Force Duration turned on. You’ll need to go through them and turn Force Duration off for each one individually in this project.

edit: to clarify, I suspect Dorico’s imported the MusicXML file with default Notation Options, then automatically applied Force Duration to everything. This means that retrospectively fiddling with Notation Options won’t fix things unless you turn off Force Duration on the affected notes.

You can unset Force Durations from existing notes using Edit > Reset Appearance.

Thanks Leo. That’s the easier solution. Took about ten minutes.

Thanks, Daniel. But I tried that and it didn’t work. I tried selecting the whole score, then the bar, then individual notes. No luck either way.

Well, I can assure you that it definitely does work.