Double-barline at beginning of staff

My customer requests clef only on first staff (fine), barlines at beginning of every staff (fine) and double-barline at beginning of staff every 8th bar. Any idea what I could use for that? Vertical line seems obvious but looks like it attaches to a note.

Please tell me there is something I can use - don’t want to go back to my old notation program just because of that.

Would this be OK?


Let me know and I will give you the instructions.

I think your customer is going to have to compromise. Customer is not always right. Part of my job as engraver is to gently educate. But not all will accept.

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There’s a new option to hide clefs, since v.4, isn’t it? To reproduce jazz lead sheets, IIRC.

Clefs have a checkmark option to hide in Notation Options. So that is not a problem.
My customer wants no-clef & left double-barline. As wrong as that looks to me (and you), he has been publishing books with that particular “feature” since the 1970’s.

In Dorico I cannot think of a decent way to achieve this, short of putting it in by hand in Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 3.03.29 PM

You could make a clef change on the second system. Use some clef you don’t need. Change that clef in the Music Symbols Editor to a double barline. Then scale the cautionary clef at the end of the first system to 1.

Not a great solution perhaps.


Doing it with a Playing Technique is a pretty easy workaround. Create a new PT, for Type select Glyph, hit the Edit Composite pencil, delete whatever text is in the editor, for Range select Barlines (3rd option from top) and add a double bar. Hit Ok.

Back on the main PT page select Below for default placement otherwise Dorico will try to avoid collisions with the chord symbols on beat 1. Add the double bar, switch to Engrave and move it into position.

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Point of order:

Photoshop is ALWAYS the WRONG application for editing music. You need to use a vector drawing app that can import PDFs as lines and text objects.

Inkscape, Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator are the kind of thing (ranging from free to expensive).

Photoshop will convert the whole page into a bitmap image, increasing filesize and reducing quality.


Giving @mrgullible the benefit of the doubt he may have been speaking casually and just meant whatever proper vector graphics program. Photoshop has become a very broad generic term, especially when people say ‘I’ll just photoshop it in Affinity’ etc. :slight_smile:

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Next, dare I ask, could this be a feature request, the double barline at the start of systems? You can see it’s common enough. Please Mr Dorico. :slight_smile:

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I can’t recall it being something I’ve ever wanted to do, but accomplishing it is pretty straightforward in Finale anyway.

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The fact that Finale offers such a good palette of choice adds weight to such a feature request.

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Having been a Finale user since it was released, I’d rather move a project there than fumble to create a left double bar line in any third-party app.

My impression is that Dorico doesn’t treat left barlines like “real” barlines. They don’t seem to be an independent entity . The fact that you can’t have a right double barline on the last measure in a staff line and a repeat start at the beginning of the next line seems to support that.

And while I love all the good choices Dorico takes to make my music look professional without much doing on my part, sometimes I miss that button with a “?” and the “custom” text.

But, man, do I like how much faster it is to do guitar fingerings in Dorico…

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Which version of Dorico are you using? This is now possible in Dorico 4:

Thanks for pointing this out. I should read the small print when Dorico is updated.