Double click issue with Mac OS

This is a problem I (and others have) have since OS Sierra on Mac. El Capitan was fine. See also the tread on CB9:

The double click function does not work properly on CB (since version 9). I have this problem with my Apple Magic mouse 2 and my Wacom tablet. Others seem to have similar problems with other mouses. It is very annoying because it is hard to change a track name or open the editor.

For some reason double clicking works without problem with my Apple Trackpad (old one). But Apple Magic Mouse 2 or Wacom surface won’t work.

I also noticed that for instance to change a track name, double clicking in the mixer works way easier than in the project window…
Steinberg could you please check what is different in the coding there?

I am also curious to hear whether there are Mac users that have no problems with double clicking. If so can they tell what OS they use and what mouse?


I’m using internal trackpad of my MacBook Pro (2 different models). No problem with it at all.

Then I’m using Logitech M570 on 3 different systems (2 MacBook Pros and one Mac Mini) with no problem. Different macOS versions (from macOS 10.10, I would say, to the current macOS 10.14), all Cubase versions.

Sometimes I was using Apple Magic Mouse, no problem.

Sometimes I was using Apple Magic Trackpad, no problem.

Hi Martin,
Thx for the response. Good to hear it works without problem on those systems. I need to figure out why it is a problem on my system. There seems to be a few others with the same issue though.

All I know it was introduced when I updated from El Capitan to Sierra and that there is only a problem in the Cubase application. In all other applications double clicks works perfect.

Should anyone have suggestions what I could do to fix this let me know!

This is Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 problem and it take place in Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave till the latest version. There is no such problem in El Capitan at all…

same problem here, Cubase 10, iMac HighSierra, Magic Mouse

It is correct that the problem was introduced after updating form El Capitan to Sierra. It is not correct that the problem is strictly related to the magic mouse. Same problem here with my Wacom tablet. And as you can see from other responses to this tread and the tread in the Cubase 9 folder there are more people suffering with different mouses.

See tread C9.5:

same problem - Nuendo 8.3.20 macbook pro retina +magic mouse+ mac OS Mojave
It is steinberg bug, not only cubase( :blush: :blush: :blush:

I’ve had this problem for quite a while as well. I use a mouse (Razer) on High Sierra. It’s very frustrating to repeatedly double click on a part to open the editor, only to have nothing happen. After 10 tries or so, it will finally work.

I want to bump this to make absolutely certain this gets fixed. Cubase is crippled without a functioning double click. I’m using a Razer mouse, so I can confirm what was said above about this not being a problem specific to a certain kind of mouse.

Same… although my issue is beyond a double-click. I can’t make changes to the mixer plugins (native) or change my grid Q from the edit window.
I upgraded my whole machine to Mojave (which is causing me more grief than good) for this 10.5 update… I may just fully switch to LIVE. Can’t deal with the bad builds from Steinberg anymore.

bumping thread.