double feelings at the update of UR-series

u r welcome :sunglasses:

“However, what is known so far is that some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated to ensure full compatibility with Windows 8.1. Our development team is already working on driver updates for the affected hardware products in order to make them available as soon as possible. Currently, we recommend you not to upgrade to Windows 8.1 yet and wait for the final testing results.”

Well… :stuck_out_tongue: too late for that! :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe an update IS due?..

I truly don’t understand Steinberg/Yamaha when they do stuff like this. I bought mine thinking it was the top of the Steinberg line and would never be abandoned. I watched their videos showing how its used with adding reverb to the cue mix from the front panel. I drank the koolaid and plunked down my cash. Now, they are pushing the UR in all their advertising as well keeping its code up to date? Its hard not to feel shafted.

After doing a bunch of reading about the future of Firewire, and learning that none of the new Apple models will utilize it, I am now conviced Steinberg has genuinely stopped putting time and or developement into MR816 device. It would be great to learn they are working on something on the same scale as the MR816 that uses Thunderbolt or USB…

Of course, I’ll wait as long as I can before I forklift my MR816 out, but it is still disapointing.

nice research; indeed, this might be the case, and although we can’t expect them to be that open, it would still be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, my complaint was: “how difficult could it be to release these plugins for MR-series, when they’ve already produced them for the UR-series? ^o)…”

Does the MR series use the same DSP chipset as the UR?

Hello Everyone,

I just ordered an MR816 X but after reading this post. I don’t want to spend money on an interface that steinberg is planning on neglecting.

Basically i did a lot of research and read a lot good things about it, and the fact that steinberg is still selling it on there website kinda made the decision and they just released a new update for the X so i’m a bit confused about this thread.

Is it maybe better to return and/or cancel the MR816 X and buy a UR824?
I have Cubase 7 but use 6.5 because it’s just more stable for me…

Some thoughts or advice maybe?

Thanks for reading


Hi Justus,

Been using the MR816CSX since Cubase 4 through 7. Like you always I always research options well before buying. Always worked flawlessy for me. I would buy another one if I had a need. The only thing that would cause me to hesitate is if I needed to chain them. Apparently there us a problem there, you can search on this forum. When UR came out I took a look at it and was glad I got the MR.

Steinberg’s habit of favouring UR users and ignoring MR users is a mystery to me. Could be they make more money on the UR which has a cheaper front panel etc.

I have never once regretted buying the MR. The only other consideration is firewire may be on the way out. I don’t know for sure. All I know is that when you get the best you can afford at any time it outlasts a lot of upgrades, which also means you can skip less successful advances in technology.

Hope that helps.

I agree with ulesto. I love my MR, and for the stuff I do, it works great. Apple did not include Firewire on any of their new models, but there is a converter cable for Thunderbolt to Firewire, and I will get one when I replace my MacBook Pro in late November. I would like Steinberg to at least give us a roadmap or a definite end of support date, if they are actually abandoning it. Hell, I’d even give them props if they announced end of life for my MR816CSX and a new “Super” MR that addresses Thunderbolt, and the monitoring issues with chaining two MRs together.

Thanks for the advice guys.
The fact that steinberg is still updating the MR series is good to see.
To me it sounds crazy that steinberg would abandon a product, that they are still selling in there shop.
Also reading that it’s working fine with Cubase 7 is reassuring. Running Cubase 6.5 at the moment but (hopefully) will be working with 7 when they patch it up to a decent standard.

I will try it out when it arrives in a couple of days and take it for a test drive.
Hopefully it will work like a charm, and i can finally get a stable and good setup going.

Thanks again!


np - actually, the MR’s got good sound; haven’t tried the UR’s tbh, but how much worse could it be?
It just seems you are getting more support and features buying a cheaper UR-series; that’s all I’m seeing :smiley:

Well, i couldn’t care less about that guitar amp and iPad connectivity to be honest.
I don’t want toys, all i want is support in the firmware and OS department.

Don’t let us down Steinberg :sunglasses:

soooo ?? no joy here ?
please make some improvements to MR interfaces, windows on top ,new UR DSP FX,loopback routing,some freedom to MR… its very restricting product. u still sale it so please invest some efforts and more time to improve it for long time owners and new ones !

I’ve had a happy time with my 816 cx for quite few years now ( Mac). I agree that It’s time for SB to prove themselves to be serious hardware manufacturers and support devices well past their sell date. It’s true FireWire is on the decline, though any new Mac with Thunderbolt will support it, and USB 2/3 is the clear choice to ensure hardware compatibility, so it makes sense for SB to adopt USB on new interfaces. But there’s thousands of users out there with existing FW interfaces, on existing hardware who want to continue using their devices for the life of their computers… Say another 5 years.

However the question is not whether SB will do the right thing… It’s whether Yamaha will. They develop the hardware and if you’ve had any experience with Yamaha audio tech you know that they ‘move on’ at the drop of a hat. My experience is that they are very uncommunicative and that even higher level representatives ( outside of japan ) don’t seem to know what’s really going on. As a sister company maybe SB get listened to ? Though my recent visit to Yamahas booth at AES in New York made me wonder if anyone at Yamaha knew what a Steinberg was!

To be honest I’m surprised 816 support lasted this long… There’s still a good chance that we’ll see driver updates for new OS revisions and if we do, it will show that there’s a desire to create a professional ecosystem of hardware that can be relied on to perform over a reasonable timeframe. However I can’t envisage any new 816 functionality being implemented. That is out of Yamaha’'s range!

So why did I get the 816 in the first place? For one thing really… the integrated control of direct monitoring which is otherwise impossible on a Mac. I cannot stand the intrusion caused by multiple monitoring interfaces and all the muting etc needed to achieve latency free performance while I’m recording. I’m hooked on it now, so when my 816 inevitably stops working ( I have other work that relentlessly pushes me forward with OS upgrades ) I’ll look at the USB models. The price points are falling so that a new interface every two years seems reasonable! Though maybe an Apollo could lure me away, latency be damned!

Of course I hope SB twist Yami’s arms to get new driver support for a few more years … they have their name on the box and the reputation is theirs to win or lose.

Looks like an 816 update has been announced for Mac OS 10.9 … Coming in December!

Thanks SB and Yamaha! This is just what is needed…

Good to hear! I ordered a 816 a couple of weeks ago but returned it for a couple of reasons and went with a RME UFX.
But definitely a solid move from steinberg and good news for current 816 owners and future owners.


Where is that announcement and what are they updating? Are we getting the Guitar DSP effects?

Here is the link to the Knowledge Base…Go down halfway and you’ll see an update is scheduled for 2013

I hope not only for MAC,…

Afaik, the URs don’t support direct monitoring with control room. In this respect, the MRs are unique and more professional.
As long as Steinberg sells the MRs, they must support it.
The newest UR gimmicks are more for consumers rather than for professionals. MRs are aimed at professionals.