Doubling durations and extending into new bars

I imported an XML file and one section of all quarter notes came in as eighths. In this passage I want all note to be quarters, with no bar lines (I already deleted them).

When I select the passage of eighth notes and make them quarters, the second half of the passage disappears, as if doubling the value of the notes truncates the second half of the passage.

Is there a way to double durations of a page and have Dorico add bars to accommodate the longer notes? Even if I add empty bars at the end, it still truncates the passage when the durations are doubled.

Yes, activate insert mode by pressing i first. Remember to deactivate insert mode again afterwards. press i again.


Brilliant! Thank you. Great feature.

The Insert method worked well, but … Dorico is still thinking about bars, even though I deleted a bunch of bar lines. So what should be a long series of quarter notes with no bar lines is now a combination of quarter notes and tied eight notes.

I’ve tried using scissors to remove ties, deleting the second eighth note and then doubling the duration of the first eight to a quarter. But Dorico still sees bar lines and continues to make tied eighth notes across the bars.

Any ideas? Is it possible to create a new section with no bar lines, and paste the passage into that section?

Is there an implicit time signature? Do the notes appearing as ties have force duration set (the clamp icon in the Notes toolbox on the left will appear highlighted when you selected them if so) ?

You could try reinputting an open time signature at the beginning - you shouldn’t need to copy the passage as Dorico updates note grouping etc automatically; although for a MusicXML import some things might behave a bit differently.

In Dorico, tied notes are one note just presented using ties, either because they’ve been forced that way or because that’s appropriate for the prevailing meter.

Thank you for the reply.

There is no implicit time signature. It’s a passage of quarter notes, with no bar lines, with this instruction to the players: ‘Play melody with improvised durations as you feel it.’ This creates a kind of spontaneous counterpoint, sometimes almost fugue-like.

I sort of solved the tied eighth note problem by adding back bar lines, but that’s not ideal, as there are not supposed to be bar lines. Will try adding an open time signature.

Thanks again.

If you want to share the project here, someone can take a look - I suspect the fact it’s an XML import will be involved somewhere. You can also try the Edit > Reset Position and Reset Appearance commands on the problem notes.