Download Access Code is already consumed by another user

Over a week ago I bought Cubase Artist 11. New, not second hand. When entering the access code I got the error Download Access Code is already consumed by another user. Because the code has an ‘O’ or a ‘0’ I tried both, but got the same result. So I am thinking it’s not the code but maybe a bug in the download assistant. So I put in a request for help with Steinberg support. So far I have not received a response.
My last resort is to ask around here if anyone can help me out so i can finally start recording.

Or it really was used, in which case the retailer you bought it from is responsible.

The retailer has been in contact with Steinberg. They told me that Steinberg had cleared the code and I should try again. And again… And still the same error. Steinberg also told them it is not the code what is causing the error. What is causing it is still the big question.

That doesn’t sound right at all. Steinberg would issue a new code, not “clear a code”.

What retailer is it?

bax-shop. An online music store.

How long does it take for Steinberg Support to respond to a request usually?

Steinberg Support would most likely send you back to the retailer.

Since this is a legitimate store (which is why I asked), I would ask the store to replace your purchase, or refund your payment, since you did not receive a product you can use, and of course you are not in a position to troubleshoot.

Steinberg have trouble with the server handling licenses.

Thanks for the info peakae

Thanks for your feedback Steve. I will wait for a bit now I know Steinberg has trouble with server handling licenses. Hopefully it will be resolved within the next few days.

(the server is up as of now)

I have uninstalled the Download Assistant and reinstalled. Still not working. Still the same error.

Still the same error.

I would ask the store to replace your purchase, or refund your payment, since you did not receive a product you can use,

I know, there’s no other option left

Yes, hopefully they will be cooperative.

I’m not worried about the store. I’m more worried about ever getting a working version of Cubase Artist. Guess I’ll have to go back to my good old VST 5.1… :sob:

So you have a USB Elicenser? Why not download the trial to test? Or buy from Steinberg direct?

Thanks for the tip. I will look into it


I am the owner of a new box with a UR22-C Recording Pack. I followed instructions in your setup guide, I went to, I registered, and I put my Download Access Code in order to get Cubase AI. But I get an error message: Download Access Code has already been used by another user. I can’t understand, how it could happen???

I was looking forward to recording my first song and now, instead of it, I can’t download the software I need and paid for. Can you help me, please?

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much.

I think it’s the same problem as above?

I would go to the dealer and get a replacement.

Replacement is the last stage. I thing Steinberg should repair this system failure.