Download assistant - How to resume a paused download?

Put simply I was very near the end of a download with Download assistant last night and I had to pause the download.

The Download assisstant said that paused downloads can be resumed at a later time.

I have just tried to resume it but instead download assistant wants to start it from the beginning.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

I am not sure there is an answer.
I posted here several problem of the Download Assistant

On the other hand, you can press Ctrl+J on Windows or Command+J on macOS. In the rundown of downloads, discover the bombed thing and snap “Resume”. In the case of everything goes right, your download will continue from where it left off before you were disengaged.

I am trying to download Iconica for three days, its four files totaling 150gig. I tried one at a time, all at a time. After about ten gig of any file it fails, sometimes when I retry it resumes from where it left off, but mostly it wipes files to zero. I have a fast connection, ethernet.

Not so pleased it’s as download “assistant” not a download wiper, is it not? Are there any other locations for these files?