Download Cubase 5.x

I’m searching for Cubase 5.5 (having 9.5 Pro license) for running it on very old but very good laptop which I cannot upgrade to Windows7 and it is running Windows XP last 12 years and will run it at least next couple of years. So is there a possibility to download Cubase 5.5?

Version 5 is the last that runs on Windows XP. And it runs very good. I know :wink:

Somehow I’ve found download page for 5th version of Cubase, but it contains only udate files to version 5.5. Also 7th and 8th versions download pages have full installation. Maybe s it possible to download 5th version?

On Steinberg page, go to support --> downloads --> unsupported products.

Helo I’m looking for Cubase 5 full installation in the support page in the unsupported products, but i cant find any…except for updates only… i have my license and dongle but the problem is… ive lost my DVD for installation (due to changing from 1 mac to another). how do i solve this problem? i just need the full installation for the program… i have the dongle and everything…

pls help a friend here.


I’ll send you PM.

Can you please help me out as well? Im in desperate need of a Cubase 5 64bit install. I have a license.

Of course. Will PM :slight_smile:

Please, put my on the waiting list! :wink:. I’ve been looking for the x64 for a while. Thanks!

Can you provide me with a link to download Cubase 5? There is no full installer at your website.

Hello! Please send me a link to Cubase5.x (x64). (I have a licensed Cubase 10.) Thanks!

Check PM later. The same iso package has x64 too.

Hello I do have licence for 9.5. Can I get PM with link to full C 5.x 64bit installer as well? Thanks.

Hello! I have a licensed Cubase 10. Please send me a link to Cubase5.x (x64). Thx.

Can I get PM with link to full Cubase 5.x 64bit installer as well? Thanks.

Hi, Im also in a similar situation. Purchased version 5 a numbers of years ago, updated to version 9. I now have a computer that has no DVD drive. My version 9 upgrade key needs version 5 installed first, but there is no version 5 in downloads section (only updates to v5). Can someone help me out with getting the installer for mac?


hi, could you send me the link as well?


I also need a link. Why? my new laptop doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive for me to install my copy of Cubase 5 Pro… I have the 6.5 Pro update file, the 7.5 Pro update file, 9.0 Pro update file and the 10.0 pro update file…

I just ordered a CD/DVD drive off of Amazon. I should be getting it today. hopefully I’ll be able to load Cubase 5 and all the updates through Cubase Pro 10 I bought.

ANeeman why you answer in PM? We all need to know this, that’s why forums work, otherwise would be useless… Please write here, and give us all the answer we need, we are all looking for a file to install Cubase 5 in a new daw… I’ve paid 600 euros for my original cubase, and now cannot even upgrade it and should buy a new full one? You sick!!!

What is the problem with receiving a PM? Does it contain the information you require?
Even if this is not the case, ANeeman deserves your thanks, rather than a personal insult for which there is no place on this forum.
An apology would be in order.

I was able to get all my software installed thanks to the external CD/DVD reader/burner I got off of Amazon…… Running Cubase 10 Pro now…