Download Cubase 5.x

hihi i have downloaded it already! Thank you, version 5 Cubase 5.5

Hey guys can someone send me cubase 5 installer, i lost my DVD drive where it was, i have 10.5 version liscence. tnx very much

HI? Is it possible to get PM with link to full Cubase 5.x 64bit installer as well? Thanks a lots :smiley:

Hi- Could I also get a link please? Got a new computer for Christmas without a CD drive and would like to reinstall Cubase on this computer. Thank you!

Could I get a copy too please Cubase 5

Check PM :wink:
Please send these links via PM to other users here asked for Cubase 5, but don’t post links here. I think it’s not permitted.

I also looking for Cubase 5, please send PM =)

I would also appreciate a link to download Cubase 5. I purchased a license a while ago and my harddrive with Cubase on it went bad and my cd drive on my computer stopped working so i’m out of luck.

It’s on the way to you. Check PM :wink:

I will be also glad foir link to full instalation of Cubase 5. Thanks, Janez

You still have a link to download Cubase 5?

I need Cubase 5 install as well. I have my entire package with discs, dongle, manual, but my DVD drive for my Macbook Pro keeps spitting them back out.


Hi am new in this forum, i have been try to switch from Fl studio to cubase or 6 but can find where to buy a license from. can someone help where i can buy a license from

Please send me as well

Done - sent! :slight_smile:
Hey, mates, please help each other - newcomers, ask that download link from people you see here. I’m often deep in as* (sorry, deep in studio) and am making music, so I can forget to look into forums here. Thanks!

Keep composing! :wink:

Can someone PM me a download link? Have my dongle but had to reinstall my Windows 7 image after it crashed on me and I don’t have my install DVD.

Hi, I have a legal copy of CUbase 5 on CD, but unfortunatelly I cannot longer be read. Could do my the kindest favour of sending my a download link? Thanks!

hi guys, can anyone go to the touble of sending me the said link since my CD cannot be read any more?

CI2 …cant get an activation code,any ideas?

Hello everybody,
I found this really old thread and thought I’d give this a go before I use my Cubase 5 dongle as an expensive enema. So if anyone at all can gracefully supply me with a link to Cubase 5 I would really appreciate it. By the way, the origianal CD can no longer be read, which was bound to happen but well, too late.