drag midi event to audio track

i would like to have option to drag midi event(s) to audio track and it will be rendered to audio with pop up options like in render in place.
it will be like render in place but more workflow convenient,right now any time you render midi(or audio) event it adds new track’ and its not always desired and it takes lot of “moves” to organize the rendered pieces


I just use the key combo of Shift + R, you can set it to whatever you want.
Rendering to audio, you need to add the audio channel in the first place, by doing the combo to render in place, it’ll do both for you.

but when i render in place it always creates new audio file !(or im missing something ?)
we can now drag midi events to sampler track,so the same concept should be workflow enhancement to drag midi events to audio track.drag and instantly you have on the selected audio track that midi rendered to audio

When its rendered to audio, it creates a new audio file, I am not aware how else it’ll do it!

Unless I am missing something, this option is easily do-able with a simple shortcut command, you can change the command to Render with options or whatever the second one is called. I also think it’s easier using a short command than adding an audio track, then dragging the MIDI file to it to render it.

my bad… i was to say’“it creates audio track” every time i render a midi event. no need always to create track when render piece of midi event just drag it to existing audio track as an option to keep it clean and simple.

It would be great if the Render dialogue had a drop-down to choose the target track or create a new one.

This would be a great workflow enhancement IMO. This way we could gradually construct audio tracks from MIDI parts. There could also be a ‘Mute MIDI Part’ or ’ Mute Audio Part’ option that would automatically mute the MIDI or Audio part after the part was dragged, thus freeing up processing power.

There would also need to be a naming system so that we could identify which audio part corresponds with which MIDI part.
There should also be a replace function dialogue in case we want to edit the MIDI part and have it update all or just one corresponding audio parts.

There could also be a ‘Show/Hide’ function to automatically show the corresponding audio track when the MIDI Part is dragged when holding down a modifier key. After this process the audio track is automatically hidden to keep things tidy. There would need to be a ‘Show Audio Track for Current MIDI Track’ command too.

I use ‘Return’ as a short cut key for Render. Being able to drag the midi to an existing audio track would be a great feature.

+1 from me.

Yes please, great idea.

I think this feature is in Studio One?


maybe, i would not be surprised if its in S1, they have really good workflow that cut lot of clicks and commands in general.

Yes, you can also convert back to midi (drag back to any midi track) whenever you want and preserving the edits (cut, repeat etc)if you did any.

I found another older thread, giving more support for this feature request here:

I’ve been requesting this for years.

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