Drag midi to audio track to bounce.

The newly implemented drag midi to sampler track is stellar. Now if we could have a drag midi to a specified audio track I’d be in heaven!!!




already in PT

Just a bump from me.

It’s one thing missing for me in Cubase that keeps me working in Studio One these days.

What is also cool in S1 is you can drag it back to an instrument track and it becomes midi again. Very useful if you later on want to change the midi data or have an other instrument play the part for doubling or replacement etc.

+1 Saves huge amounts of time in both Pro Tools and Studio One. Let’s have it in Cubase! It really makes a big difference in time spent.

Brilliant feature in S1, for sure.

+1 I love this function in Pro Tools.

+1 Would be a nice time saver

I’m out of votes, but +1 for this.

There’s also a newer thread supporting this feature request here:

Thanks for the support for this idea!