Drag 'n' Drop to MediaBay

I’m really after getting an improved workflow in Cubase.

What I want to do is to drag and drop parts from the arrange window into the media bay, so I can recall them later, between projects and in the current project.

The Arranger is so limited and I am trying to avoid a move to Live for the session view.

Does Cubase allow drag dropping to media bay for midi parts (or even dropping to the desktop) ?


it was possible in Cubase 8. After 8.5 (i guess) this feature was removed. No one doesn’t know why Steinberg remove this great feature

But would that be a smart thing ?
If I drag a part to the mediabay (and it worked like you want) all that is happening is that the media is added to the database. Media type, meta data and file location.
I don’t know about you, but I move my projects all the time, these files would then be missing, and any newer projects that require these files would not work anymore.
Would it not be a lot safer to export that media to a folder, and enable that folder in mediabay.
If mediabay could do this on its own (copy the used audio/midi files to a User Folder) then it would be a great way of creating you own library.

sure would. for ex: bounce midi to audio for remix pack or sample pack, and its eeasy to make new folder in media bay and copy all bounce’s to folder.

I sure would like MediaBay to get an overhaul, focusing on work flow and be a little smarter.
And I’m not tanking about new graphics :slight_smile:

Yep. It was there in 8 and then removed. Even midi loops could be saved, like having a db of music sketches.


Yes ans this is what I want. A collection of parts further this could be implemented, intuitively, so that we can drag to folders/sections within MediaBay thereby making organisation and later recall a breeze?

Hm not sure if I’d say safer. It’s about workflow, the steps ‘select > save as’ for each part breaks flow when I’d much prefer to stay within the arrange window. Sort of like Stuio One or Ableton.



Dropping to the desktop or to any Windows folders works fine.

Wish it did but not for me :frowning:

Well post some sort of info and maybe someone can tell you why that is.

Thanks but it wasn’t a request for help on this point, but a response to your question. I’ve been through some of the tweaks needed listed in a separate post and it just doesn’t work.


But why?

If you’re asking why it was removed, I honestly do not know.


Does Cubase 9 or 9.5 finally re-allow drag and drop midi files from desktop OR media bay into arrangement window?