Hey PG,

what about adding ‘Drag and Drop’ -Functionality from the Mastersection to the Plugin-Section of Batch-Processing.

Good idea indeed.

would you please put this back on the list?

and add the possiblity to convert a Custom-Plugin-Chain into a Master-Section-Preset ?
Screenshot (3)_LI.jpg

add the possibility to convert a Custom-Plugin-Chain into a Master-Section-Preset ?

No, because the batch processor can contain multi-pass plugins that are not supported by the Master Section.

This would be awesome… it would help users coming from PT, Logic etc. who are used to easily dragging around instantiated processors. +1111!!!

Hey PG, please don`t forget about this “very good idea”…as you said. :smiley:

** Majorbump **

In the mean time, don’t forget this function:

Using it every day. :slight_smile:

Hey PG,

just a little **reminder **

Hey PG,

I just wanted to bring this up for the next big update once again.

When updating Plugins (i.e. for Izotope RX7 to RX8) the older Batch-Processes won`t work anymore. The saved Batch tries to look for i.e. RX7 but there only the latest version RX8 to be found on the system.

Now its pretty hard to reconstruct the used settings in the new Plugin Version (RX8) because its not possible to open the old (RX7).

The suggested Drag and Drop function would help to minimize the hustle.WL_replace_Plugin|690x298

btw: A functionanilty to replace a ‘not found’ plugin would come handy as well.


Hey PG,

I suggested a DragnDrop functionality two years ago which you acknowledged as ‘a very good idea’.
I had hoped that you were adding it with WL11. For some reason it still hasn`t been implemented yet . :disappointed:

I wanted to bring this topic up once again. Can we expect to see this functionality any time soon?