Feature Requests for WL 11

Hey PG,

please don`t forget the following fuctionalities we have already discussed.

If Vol < Threshold ==> Roomtone + X-Fades

If the volume of a recording is below a defined threshold (or Autodetect),
the Audionoise will be replaced by a recorded roomtone using automatic Crossfades.

Or like this: Vol < Threshold => replace Roomtone with X-Fades :nerd:

Why would someone want that?
We are producing Audiobooks (singlevoice, straight reading), this means the Voice is always solo.
One can always hear the slightest noise or movement of the narrator.
At the moment we are using an Expander to get rid of the noises but the outcome is not perfect.

A collegue has written a batch process himself for Protools automating exactly this process.
So, basically it`s like a gate, but instead of dropping to Digital Zero it “drops” to roomone.

P.S.: The problem with Digital Zero is, besides sounding awful, that some BT-Headset loose connection to headphones .

here`s the Original Thread:

‘Drag and Drop’ -Functionality from the Mastersection to the Plugin-Section of Batch-Processing.

Original Thread:

Auto Replace for updated Plugin`s

When updating Plugins (i.e. for Izotope RX7 to RX8) the older Batch-Processes won`t work anymore. The saved Batch tries to look for i.e. RX7 but there only the latest version RX8 to be found on the system.

Now it s pretty hard to reconstruct the used settings in the new Plugin Version (RX8) because it s not possible to open the old (RX7).

The suggested Drag and Drop function would help to minimize the hustle.WL_replace_Plugin|690x298

btw: A functionanilty to replace a ‘not found’ plugin would come handy as well.

Thanks for reading.

Are you using VST-2 or VST-3 plugins? With VST-3 plugins, this problem should not occur.

Well it depends. If there are VST3 Versions I do use them.

I reckon RX7 already had VST3 versions nevertheless I had that problem with the Batchprocessor.

A given VST3 plugin has a unique ID that does not change from version to version. WaveLab recognizes a past plugin this way.
Maybe Izotope did not respect this rule, but that should be then a very rare case.