Dream Cubase Controller

Why isn’t there a controller for controlling plugins with say, 24 knobs and 24 scribble strips that automatically updates every time a plugin is selected. It seems like something so logical but it doesn’t exist. There have been controllers that come (Nektar, Automap, Softube,Avid Artist) close but there usually clunky and require multiple layer select. I can’t believe that after using Cubase for over 20 years, a mouse is still by far the best option for controlling plugins.

It is difficult to say. I have a Mackie Controller Pro and for me it works, but i understand your question and i have looked lately for controllers that do this, but actually there a no such options. I have also a Midi Keyboard M Audio Oxygen 61, that works ok. Still the mouse is the best options for actions you suggest. I have to say the Mackie Controller format does a lot and does assign automaticly to knobs and faders, even editting with cubase. The hands on control of knobs and faders works well. Alltough i would have imagined that there would be better and far more advanced controllers on the market right now… Actually i think that is not the case. Maybe other users can point out controllers ?? Have fun.

I always liked the look of the tascam 2400 but they stopped making it years ago.


The old Mackie C4 have this 32 pot with screen

Yes but it never had Cubase support.

Yea I was wondering about the c4 at one time I found one cheap on eBay…I would assume that it runs on the same protocol? No?

I’m afraid not, it seems so perfect but it has a different protocol than Mackie Control and Steinberg never supported it.

From what I understand, Nuage does a great job of integrating the on board Steinberg plugins but I’m not sure about 3rd party plugins. Of course you can use the Remote Control Editor with Nuage as well. A bit overkill for me though. Even if Steinberg made a “Remote Control Editor” hardware controller…Now you have very limited (and cumbersome) control options for RCE.

The CC121 could need a refresh, and a intuitive way of handling things.
How about 8 or 16 AI knobs, that could be locked and saved as templates.
That I would spent money on.

Have you tried a generic controller?

I have an Arturia Beatstep sitting next to my board.
It has 16 knobs and 16 buttons… that can send ANYTHING. Arturia’s software is wicked programmable for what midi messages it sends.
You can hit ‘recall’ and flip the thing into any of 16 different configs by hitting the pads.

If you took some time… you could set that up to send almost an infinite number of messages… (well…16x16 rotary and 16x16 pads) … and create generic remotes to obey all of those commands.

Scribble strips? No they don’t have that… but it is still a LOT of control for pretty cheap.

I have mine as a track/eq controller in one setup. Whatever selected track I am on… I can hit a button and it pops up the main trackcontrol window. Then I can control Gain/Freq?Q on all the EQ channels, as well as EQ I/O, insert I/o, sends I/o… as well as 4 send levels.

On another setup, the top line is Track Quick controls, and the bottom is VST quick controls… which is hot all by itself. I might try and set it up for plugin control.

The only limitation is what can be controlled by the generic remote…
The same controller with little LCDs would be pretty awesome though, I agree.

I’m using a Beatstep, not a bad controller for the price.
I currently use the top 8 rotary as track quick controls, and bottom 8 rotary encoders as vst quick controls.
Oh and the big rotary as jog wheel.
Love the pads being big enough to slap labels on them.

I’ve been using Generic Remotes since the 1st iteration of Cubase, in fact I use no less than 8 Generic Remotes at the moment (mostly with Lemur and 2 Ipads). You’d have to program a set of controls for every single plugin in your arsenal (I have hundreds) and then find and select that template every time you want to edit (way to cumbersome). I want something that say, when you open up an SSL channel strip on insert 3, it instantly maps to the hardware controller, then select say Amplitube on insert 4 of another track, all the controls are right there on your controller.

Every controller sounds great in theory to me but I ALWAYS fail to put any one that I own into extensive use, except for drum pads (like the CMC PD-controller = awesome) and keyboard controllers like my Axiom or MPK mini keys. With Midi controllers for plugins, or even for mixer stuff, faders, pans, etc. I just find it cumbersome because the controls change depending on what plugin is up, what track is selected. It’s great stuff if you have the dough and the desk space, I guess. I prefer to work with a mouse and a decent size screen… but I’m not doing a lot of synth stuff, etc…

I do myself a favour by considering a mouse and a keyboard as an optimum controller set for those many many many things software can be instructed to do. Of course that’s just a perspective but it works so well without further complications. Cheap and universal too.

As with many things in life the mind mechanism of ‘improving’ things just keeps itself alive by not believing in the simple/current/available solution at hand. I bet many IT specialists have been working hard to simplify it that far and appreciate their efforts :laughing:

Of course an array of key commands of your most used functions is essential too.

I totally agree but having a visual controller would be nice.

I just found what seems to be very close to what I’m after and it’s free! It’s Pro Tools Control for the Ipad and it uses Eucon as an interface. It’s definitely the best Cubase controller I’ve found yet! I’m already using an Ipad with Lemur (via several Generic Remotes and a Mackie Control) so it was an easy setup. Ipad wifi has to match the computer Cubase is on and you have to download Eucon (which requires registering the free PT Control app on Ipad) but once you’ve got it working, it’s amazing. I’ve only just scratched the surface but it’s very powerful, yay!

If you run for an EUCON Integration, give the AVID S3 or S6 (if you are a rich man…) a chance.

I’m using the AVID Artist Controllers and it’s really easy to manage the Cubase functions - as well as you can program the different shortcuts and even macros if you need it.


I’ve spent thousands on interfaces with nifty flying faders. They’re all rotting unused in the corner of my studio. I’ve found that I don’t have time to fiddle with them, not to mention the space they take up. I guess it depends on what you’re doing, if you’re mixing a lot, they’re probably useful. If you’re creating, they tend to get in the way. YMMV.

Ah. That would be nice!
I can’t see how it would be done though.

I think the Track quick controls are as close as we will ever see :slight_smile: