Drum Editing - Small, weird, annoying, time consuming BUGS!

I have been a Cubase user since the ‘first’ version 3.5 (1997 or 98). Love it, and I love a lot of the new stuff in Cubase 6.

However, the drum editing features (group editing in general) that are driving me buggy.

  1. Sometimes I’ll have all drum channels grouped and I’m editing away. Everything is fine, group editing stays in sync. Then I’ll perform a simple edit on a track (while grouped) and when I disable and re-enable group editing, it tells me they may be out of sync and fail. About half the time, I can just undo one step and do the edit again and it’s fine. Other times, no matter how far I go back in the undo history, Cubase will insist the tracks are out of sync (though they weren’t just before the one edit). I am constantly having to disable/enable group editing to make sure things are still in sync, and if they’re not it’s a 50/50 chance that I will have to close the project and restore the most recent .bak file.
    It seems random right now, because I’ll be doing the same type of edit a couple dozen times, and then one time Cubase decides things are messed up.

  2. I am forced to delete all other takes before I can do the slice/quantize/crossfade, otherwise the underlying takes will still be visible and audible in the spaces created by the quantization. Also, not deleting all the other takes will cause it to slice in a very strange way, leaving other takes showing in spots that should be sliced.

I’m finding it difficult to accurately describe issues I’m seeing, but I also find it difficult to believe I am the only one who is frustrated by this!

Kudos to Steinberg for stepping with a powerful way to edit multitrack drums; it was about the only critical thing that was missing, imho. And while I suppose it is saving time overall, it would be nice if I didn’t have to waste time reloading previous .baks when things don’t work how they should.

Example: Everything will be in sync. I split one file on the 1 (which should split all files), but only one shows the split. Obviously out of sync. Undo.

Select a different file in the grouped folder to do the split (sometimes that makes all the difference)… Nope. Undo.

Finally the moon and planets align and I manage to split all the files at that same point. Looks good! Disable/enable group edit: files out of sync. What?! Undo the split.

Okay, I split at a point 4 measures later in the song. Works! Everything syncs! Woohoo! Okay, so I split the files at the original point I wanted to split them… And it works this time.

Out of curiosity, I undo those last few steps that worked and try the split at the original point: IT WORKS. WHAT?!

I know the best way to report a bug is to give a recipe that can be repeated. Well, this seems way to random to be able to do that, doesn’t it?

While the drum editing (group editing) feature is not broken, it is severely handicapped. I am going crazy and coining many new swear words at the moment. This is song 2 of 11 that I have to have done by Friday. Unless I can figure out a consistent way to work where this problem stops happening, I don’t see a great deal of sleep this week if I expect to be able to hand off to the client on Friday.

Any help would be awesome.


One way I found that seems to work all the time is to comp all the takes into one good one then (and this is important)

Make sure all the takes are starting and finishing at the exact same point, that is… snap off and cut the very start and very end to make sure.

Then (with project in 32 float) bounce all the tracks so they are all one file, then enable group edit and multi-track edit away.

Thanks. Yes, all the parts of the take are identical in length. That’s the easy part. As far as choosing the best takes… This drummer is not particularly accurate, and in some cases there is not a solid take of specific sections (some of these tunes have 12 drum takes…) So I need to be able to see how they respond to slice and quantize before I commit to a take.

Why do you specify 32-bit float?

I’m learning to dance around the glitches, and getting better at it… My complaint is that I should not be able to get things out of sync if they never leave group edit mode, but I can. Too easily. Some changes are not being mirrored in all the tracks, and obviously they should be.

It needs fixing. If I had to do this in front of a client, they wouldn’t be terribly impressed with my DAW software.

Also with the group edit feature, quite often the crossfades will overlap differently between tracks in the take, i.e. on the kick channel the prior track will overlap the next track; on the snare track, the next track will overlap the prior track. This seems random. If I’m in group edit, all tracks should behave the same. They don’t. They NEED TO.

I know it’s a young feature, but I can’t believe no one here has really dug into it without discovering the same bugs I’m seeing. This feature is THE reason I wanted to upgrade asap to C6.

It seems to be most frequent when I split a track. If it gets out of sync, I’ll undo the split, deselect any selected tracks (those tracks are always part of the drum tracks; no other tracks are selected), select the group only, and then do the split again. So far this works every time. However, I can do many splits without a problem. Just once in a while it will get out of sync. It still doesn’t make any sense, but like I said, I’m learning to dance around the problem.

It’d be nice if it got fixed with the next update.

No one is having any problems at all with the new drum editing features? Really? I have trouble believing that… Maybe no one here has spent any time with it?

Yes having the same problem here with group drum editing. I did a session where I recorded drums and bass together, grouped it together but needed then to record only bass parts again - all out of sync after. NOT good imo.
Asked already about that and someone from Steinberg said its because of some video sync.
But maybe an on/off switch would be enough.?
BTW Loving lots of the new stuff especially the new hitpoint detection and create midi out of it. Amazing.

Yes, C6 has some great features. The actual hitpoint detection is essentially flawless. There have all the pieces of a very effective drum editing piece. But it’s still buggy.

Seriously, I am getting sooo sick of having to check my group sync, and sometimes I wait too long and have to UNDO twenty minutes of work ( I don’t enjoy drum editing to begin with). If tracks are synced in an group folder, every single thing you do to any track in the group should be mirrored on every other. The problem is, that’s obviously not happening.

I know I’m not supposed to call things ‘bugs’ in the post title, but these are very clearly bugs in the group edit system. Or one bug with multiple symptoms.

If someone from Steinberg would at least comment and here so I don’t feel like I’m screaming at the wall, that’d be great.

Does blocking the videoengine help?

mysteryshopper: How do you do that?


My firewall routinely asks to block cubase components, so now I block (and remove) all internal plugins, as well I block videoengine.dll

My firewall has never asked to block anything relating to Cubase.

Edit: Looked at the Firewall list. Cubase is unblocked on local network, blocked on public network. VSTBridge is unblocked for local, blocked for public (VSTBridge is not used, as I am using 32-bit Cubase 6). There is no entry for the video engine.

Don’t see what blocking via firewall has to do with anything?

The firewall simply helps to identify separate or “useless” components, which in this case may be having a conflict with the program.

Hmm… and then what?

Block the stuff you don’t need and see how well the app works without it.

I’ve removed all internal plugs including halion and it loads up in almost a minute (5.5.3) on 90’s laptop.

A very solid app, reason enough to not complain about all the problems in C6 I believe.

So you are saying that blocking some C6 components access to the Internet improves the applications stability?

No. Firewalls can also block non-internet programs/components as well.

At first it was an annoyance and I enabled everything, but then realized that all the program (firewall) was doing was picking up changes, ie updates in cubase so I decided that anything “non core” had to go and I’ve ended up with a very stable and responsive system, eg DAW.

What firewall are you talking about, which OS and what version of cubase?