Drum key for playing techniques

Is there a way to have the drum key describe not just instruments but also playing techniques (rim shots, cross stick, custom ones etc.)?

Hi Tim. I’m not sure I understand your question. Once you enter note entry mode with a percussion instrument, you can cycle through the different instruments available (on a 5 line staff for a kit) with up and down arrows, and cycle through their available playing techniques with alt- up/down arrows. Is it what you are trying to do, or do you need something else ?

Almost: I want to create a drum key (legend) not just for instruments (snare, toms etc) but also for techniques like rim shot etc. Something like this:

Would be nice to be able to do that with doricos percussion legends feature

currently this is not possible on Dorico but it woul’d be great if we can have this fonction.

Funnily enough, I’m trying to do exactly the same thing at the moment. Will probably try an cobble with graphics etc but would certainly appreciate some lurve in this area from the team…

I wonder whether this is really impossible… I guess it is possible, but the kit is really going to be crowded with different versions of the same instrument.

Well Daniel has promised improvements for untuned percussion in Dorico 4 so let’s see what tranpires.