Drum kit editing

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I’ve just bought the app, which I found very usefull!

I like the (almost) “all_in one” concept : i don’t wan’t to open severall apps, i keep it simple.

So, my question is : it is possible to adjust the pan on the drum kit? For example, I ‘d like having the hat on the left, the 14’ tom on the right etc. I’ve noticed that the drum pads have allready a pan orientation, but it’s not enough “stereo” for my taste, and I don’t want to use severall midi track (one for the kick, one for the hat, etc.) because it will be too hard to manage.

Thanx a lot!


panning individual instruments of a drumkit is not possible at the moment. I have added it to the list of feature requests.

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Does Cubasis support Note Expression editing in the Key Editor?

Well thanks a lot for the answer. I’ll wait so.
H ny 2013!

I think there is alot of potential for this app, is there any plans to include the ability to add your own samples to creat your own drum kits? I am using iMPC now and copy/paste for drums, but i would love to be able to have my drums already in the Cubasis app and make patterns locally…

Also, a few more synth sounds, deep basses/arps and more guitars would be great as well! Great job, thus is a very well-thought out and intuitive app, best overall production app so far i’ve seen!

I have a FR going on. Hope they’ll implement Groove Agent One as a tool for that reason.


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