Drum Maps for Abbey Road Drummer 60/70/80/Modern/Studio


for some reason I can’t download these from NI forum. Does anybody here has these drum maps saved and is willing to share them with the rest of the community?

If anyone’s interested, the original topic on NI forum is here: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/drum-maps-for-cubase-6-abbey-road-drummer-60-70-80-modern-studio-drummer.176028/

Thank you :slight_smile:

Bump! Come on, somebody has to have it! :slight_smile:

I have been looking for them for ages!

Well if nobody shares it and somebody makes them from scratch make sure we share it :slight_smile:

Here we go all the Abbey Road Drummer : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rimqj9ncp1p777j/NI%20Abbey%20Road%20Drummer.rar?dl=0

Thank you very, very much :slight_smile:

Needed to redownload the maps, but the dropbox link is dead. Anybody saved it and wants to reshare it? :slight_smile:

I stumbled about that too. Anybody out there ready to reshare?

I can’t understand this. Given the pain it is to create drum maps, why are there so few (not any) drum maps available?
I would like Native Instruments to make them available as a matter of course as Fxspansion’s BFD3 should be too. You buy their software - so they should be part of what you purchase.

Any people with drum maps out there and who could contribute would be very much appreciated.

I wrote a small python script to convert REAPER drum maps to Cubase drum maps (which helped me convert all Battery 4 maps in an instant)…REAPER has tons of stuff shared by its users so this is really helpfull.
I’ll create a separate topic for it during the day (or tomorrow).

For BFD3 (but not NI sadly) the Cubase function to automatically obtain the Drum Map from the Instrument works great. Personally I created my own internal map inside BFD3 because I prefer putting items in an order that makes more sense to me (took about a half hour) than the BFD3 default. But whatever internal map BFD3 is using, Cubase is able to generate a map from it.

The lack of maps for NI drums generally keeps me from using them. Also about 90% of the time I program drums inside BFD3 because their ability to paint in different rolls, diddles, etc. is pretty useful.

Yes that is what I do. However I remain frustrated with the limited functionality of the Cubase Drum Maps. For instance I would like to colour each kit part, delete unwanted lanes and work out how to name the saved map so that it shows up with that same name in the inspector.

I have also had an issue with not being able to save the maps into the 8.5 drum maps folder because I don’t have administrator rights? Which on my machine I do.

Agree that Drum Maps could use a serious makeover.

You might try setting Cubase to always run as administrator.

Just yesterday I discovered something new (to me) about Drum Maps and the Key Editor. I was playing around with making midi drum loops in another program and then importing the midi files into Cubase. Something wasn’t quite right so I opened the MIDI Part with the Key Editor to see how it looked there. I was surprised to find that the notes showed the name of the drum on them - much like how lyrics show on the notes. Moving the notes up and down changed the name to reflect the names from the Drum Map. Since some tasks are easier to do in the Key vs. the Drum Editor this opens the door to using both without adding confusion about what drum is being played.

Bump! Anyone has these to reupload, thanks!

Here u Go.


OK here we go again, all the drummaps for Abbey Road Drummer here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hbe6r5oy14378zq/AACOwTksnTxysT1EIsP-VGpWa?dl=0


the dropbox link doesn’t work anymore, can anyone reupload?

Hello World

After looking for the Drum Maps of Abbey Road Drummer (and others), I was not very successful in finding the right ones - old links are dead.
So I decided to recreate them from the PDF documents I got with my products. It is tedious process…

Finally I recreated the following which I like to share with the community.:

  • ARDr 60s Early.drm

  • ARDr 60s Late.drm

  • ARDr 80s Black.drm

  • ARDr 80s Chrome.drm

  • ARDr Modern Sparkle.drm

  • ARDr Modern White.drm

  • EZDr CustomShop Kit.drm

  • EZDr Modern Kit.drm

  • EZDr Vintage Kit.drm

  • StDr Garage Kit.drm

  • StDr Session Kit.drm

  • StDr Stadium Kit.drm

Not sure how to attach the files here, so I am presenting the files on my pages under: http://bernbrich.de/wp/drum-maps-for-cubase/
Or the direct links here:

Have fun

If anyone has working links or useful files to share, please do so.

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mbernbrich Thank you very much for your effort)