Drump Map: Strange behaviour.

Hi folks,

This refers to Cubase Pro 9.

I’m starting (last few months) noticing some strange behaviour with drum maps in VST tracks.

For example, I have three VST tracks; NI 70’s Drummer, Trillian and NI Hammond.

Say I’ve completed a verse and I want to copy all three tracks to make a second verse. I first select the tracks, press Ctrl+C, move the cursor to where I want the verse to start, select the first track and press Ctl+V and the tracks are copied. That works just fine.
However, sometimes, not all the time, after I paste the tracks I find that the drum map for the drums has magically copied itself into the bass and organ tracks. The bass and the organ now no longer sound and I have to manually turn off the drum map for these tracks.
Even stranger, sometimes the tracks change when I just select the tracks.
Bizarre behaviour.

Any ideas?


Trying out a new song and I only have two tracks: Drums and Bass.

If I select two tracks moving up (bass then drums) both tracks now have drum maps.

If I select two tracks moving down (drums then bass) all is expected.

Weird huh?

I have this too and it is maddening.
See this thread -

I hope this gets fixed because it costs me a lot of time.