Do Cubase 6 offer a quick solution to replace drums like Drumagog or similiar?

The Cubase 6 videos say that they added this in 6 but since I’m still waiting for my copy to even arrive in the USA I can’t tell you how it works :wink:

Yes. Using the Hitpoints.
I don’t have C6 yet.
But as I saw it’s faster than the others drums replacers…

Operation Manual Page 280

Great! Thanks!

i have read the manual p 280. It is similar to cubase 5. Slicing audio with hitpoints. Convert to midi and use vst instrument as replacer/doubler. Bit i want to trigger audio from vst instrument. For example: Use Addictive drums as a vst intrument. Open the channel i use on separate audiochannels. Then, somehow use the audio output to trigger audio samples. Is this possible? Or do i need to record audio first from vst instrument to audio. And then slice this channels with hitpoints. How do i ad/replace, for example a kick wave sample without using midi extraction? I cant find this soulution the manual. a solution similiar to drumagog but destructable (printed audio files no use of inserts).
This problem has nothing to do with multi audio drums quantizing.

You can convert the hitpoints to a MIDI part.

yes i know that howlingulf (svenne ,-)
But i want to use kick samples in wave. Not triggered from midi. Let say i have a mono channel with a boring kick. How do i replace it with my fresh sample? Hitpoints can detect my boring kick dynamic. But what to do after that? Okay let say i create midifile from hitpoints. How will the midifile trigger my good kick sample? I thought cubase 6 offered a easy solution to this popular mixing “technique”.

What could be faster than, insert Drumagog into kik channel, select favorite kik samples, play?

You can easily use the onboard “GrooveAgentOne” for that work, drag/drop suitable Drum-Samples, hit play - that´s it.
Converting Audio drums in Midi notes is absolutely more flexible and more accurate than a simple VST-Drumreplacer-Plugin. My opinion.

Cause i dont want to use drumagog. Want a “built in” method. Okay. use hitpoint on separate drum channels; kick, snare, HH etx. Then extract midi from those channels. drag my own kick, snare samples to GroveagentOne. create a drummap so groveagent play my own samples on midifiles. Not quick but it should work!

Midi will yeild the best results and control in the long run but if its not worth it
I suggest you check out this http://www.apulsoft.ch/aptrigga/
it works great and is cheap

All the real time triggers I tried are a little unstable…
I don’t know the new Steven Slate Trigger…
I prefer to convert it to midi and connect some VST instrument.

Agreed, but i was merely thinking of what could be faster, cause thats the kind of twit I am… :mrgreen:

That´s right Sonik, these are also my experiences. So I prefer Midi for drum replacements.

LOL! that´s only YOUR problem…not the drummer´s!!! :wink:
(BTW: I think, similarly quickly, both approaches. (adjust the plugin´s threshold vs. convert to midi, search and integrate suitable drum samples vs. trigger VSTi-Drummer…) f. example.

anyone tried…?
($ 499 !!!)

As I watched the videos. With C6 is faster and more flexible to route it to any other vst Instrument…

Before C6, you had to slice, create events, drag the resulting audio part to GrooveAgentOne and export the midi from GAO back into the project.

So I prefer C6s’ method, plus the better hitpoint ergonomics…

If it would finally arrive…

Please tabsel ,can you describe the “C6” way then?