dspmixFX not working with UR44C

All of a sudden, dspmixFX doesn’t work anymore with my UR44C.
Wondering if it needs to be repaired or if it something I can fix here.
It was working great up until yesterday (and for the last 11 months).
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

(see this screen capture I made demonstrating problems)

  • Downloaded new drivers & versions 1.5 of dspmixFX and installed yesterday. Everything was working.
  • Device IS detected by dspmixFX
  • OS can still use UR44C for recording
  • Metering not working in dspmixFX
  • DSP effects not working nor being recorded
  • Have deleted and reinstalled all drivers and software

EDIT: I figured I would double check the firmware and when I try to run the firmware update software I get an error message: “Update failed. Please check the connection and reboot this software, then try again.” My UR44C is connected and recognized by my OS and partially by dspmixFX as seen in screen capture video.

Edit 2:
Discovered that Cubase is not recognizing the inputs of the UR44C

Edit 3:
Found a new error: if I turn ONE instance of the basic FX suite guitar emulation, I get an ‘insufficient dsp resources’ error. This has never happened before, and only began after I updated to 1.5.
Capture d’écran, le 2021-02-23 à 08.00.46

UPDATE: After a few days of trial & error with Steinberg Canada & overseas tech team, they have deemed the unit to be malfunctioning and to be returned under warranty.