[DUPE]C8 crash with Yamaha Studio Manager (for 01V96VCM)

My configuration:
HP EliteBook 8540w, i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 1800M,
Windows 7 Proffesional 64bit, Aero theme, transparency off
RME FireFace UFX
Cubase 8, 32bit, Always on top disabled
Yamaha mixer 01V96VCM, total recall within Cubase via Studio Manager
(all drivers and versions: the latest)

Yamaha Studio Manager has remained 32bit and thus Cubase 64bit versions could not have been used with it.
However Cubase 32bit versions have been an acceptable alternative until the Cubase 8.
Unfortunately, it seems that the new way of handling windows (Aero!?) is clashing with SM windows.
Here is one of scenarios for (which I would like to send you a CrashDump, please advise how):

  1. new project from e.g. Acoustic Guitar + Vocal template
  2. go to Devices->Studio Manager->
    a blank SM window appears and is focused, but can focus out only by tapping on Windows logo-key…
    No menus shown but some of options from menus available by placing the mouse over there,
  3. to escape I go to Window, drop-down to Windows-> Studio Manager-> Minimize
  4. Save project
  5. Windows-> Studio Manager-> Activate --> small SM Window appears but again with blanked menus
  6. hovering over I go to: setup-> 01V96 -> add, apply, OK
  7. 01V96 Windows appears but cannot focus to anything…,
    thus try and close the initial SM window - message appears:
    Cubase 8 has stopped working… windows will close the program …etc.
  8. have to close the program

Presently I am trying to find a workaround by making a template in 7.5 which could be prepared for opening in 8.
However, even if I succeeded, that might help working with new projects, but compatibility with old ones would remain
Thus, Steinberg, pls look into this new and serious incompatibility between Cubase and Yamaha’s Studio Manager for
the sake of all Yamaha mixers and synths users who appreciated a possibility of total recall within Cubase projects.
At the same time maybe you have a means of awakening Yamaha’s program team for an update of SM and a 64bit version? :frowning:
At the same time, yes congratulations on improvements in V8 and I do hope those will become available even to us Yamaha hardware lovers…

I have confirmed this issue with V8 x64 and the Yamaha Studio Manager and my DM2000V2VCM.

There is no issue with studio manager in v7.5 x64 and the other previous versions I have.

Thanks to R for confirming the issue with Studio Manager in Cubase 8.
Your DM2000V2VCM is a better mixer, but it uses the same SM ( I believe) so that we actually have the same problem.
It’s good to know you had no problems using studio manager in v7.5 x64 and the other previous versions.
(BTW would you kindly check my old post and hopefully advise if you know how:

Well, I had a problem initially with the SM and an older 64bit version of Cubase,
thus have decided then to continue with 32bit versions (without a problem until now with V8).

I forgot to mention I use two monitors. In the meantime I have tried some workarounds with V8,
not only to work with SM but also to avoid crashing :exclamation:
but I still have not found an elegant solution and for any proper work I am back to V7.5.30 :cry:

The problem seems to come from the new way of handling windows in V8 - I noticed a number of other posts
claiming different problems with windows found after installing the V8.
I hope Steinberg will find a solution soon and give us our total recall for Yamaha mixers back in V8 :question:
as well as give us back our choices in organizing the work in C8 in a convenient and friendly way.

I use the 64 bit version Yamaha studio manager and the latest host with Cubase 7.5 x64 and it works as designed. The only flaw that I experience is that it sometimes looses the connection to the Yamaha DM2000VCM USBs. I have to open the editor each time then select the USBs. I hope that Steinberg comes out with an update soon to resolve the V8 issue with SM.

Steinberg, please don’t ignore this issue, it is impossible to work with studio manager at this point!!!

I just called Yamaha Pro Audio and spoke to a tech who said he would let his management know of this issue. I’m not sure what good it will do but it’s worth a shot.

I can use the studio manager in Cubase Pro 8 to sync to and from my DM2000 console but I cannot use the Studio Manager UI. I cannot move the UI screen around between my 3 monitors as I can in all previous versions.

Also each time I sync my console and finally close Cubase, Cubase Pro 8 crashes.

unfortunately I confirm the problem with Studio Manager continues.
tried different work-arounds but had to definitely return to V7.5.30
thus the investment into V8 have been 100% failed - maybe we should think of asking for a refund?
it would be fair to at least hear something from Steinberg on this issue, wouldn’t it?!
can we hope to have it addressed or not?

Very, very, very disappointed!!! I was expecting this to be solved with the first update. I paid for the version I can’t use and the worst part is that it doesn’t work with YAMAHA studio manager… Steinberg, take this seriously!!!

Hello all,

This is a duplicated subject, it has to do with most of Yamaha editors, it has to be addressed by YAMAHA and they are already aware of this, they need to release compatible versions of the Studio Manager and VSTi Plug-ins. We do not develop the studio manager at the Steinberg Headquarters in Hamburg it is developed by YAMAHA in Japan. Most of the issues that needed to be fixed from our side are done. You should get in contact with the Yamaha support about this issue.


Best regards,

Maybe Steinberg should take over the development of the Yamaha studio manager and VTSi-plugins. The last update of the studio manager was in 11/2009.

How sad, but it looks as we are stuck with V7.53 to work with Yamaha Studio Manager within the Cubase.
I have not been able to find any mentioning nor promises from Yamaha regarding their updates.
Thus my V8 is waiting there idle and hoping for better…

no good news for Yamaha Studio Manager users with Cubase maintenance update 8.0.10.
SM regularly crashes the DAW.
Yamaha does not seem to care.
Steinberg duped this issue and doesn’t seem to care… :frowning:

For goodness sakes…

Perhaps english is not a first language, but in light of the post from Steinberg a few posts above yours, I find your comment both unfair and without founding. Quit aiming at Steinberg and look to yourself to do something about this situation - you have explicit advise and guidance from Steinberg as to how to move forward.

The responsibility is now yours and your fellow 01V96VCM owners. How much clearer can they be…?

Have you written to Yamaha yet…? (advice from Steinberg posted 12 January 2015…).

Are you really still waiting/expecting Steinberg to address this issue for you…? Well, I for one have completely understood:- It Is Not Going To Happen

As you can see, this topic was moved to http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=70710 as a duplicate subject. Ok. when you go to the new topic, administrator says that yamaha found the fault of the problem and they will have to release Cubase Pro 8 compatible versions of their VSTi Editors. Are you following me?
Than you go to this topic http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=75643 (same issue) where another administrator confirms that STEINBERG is working on this issue and that next update should solve this.
Explain this Bob… And how can problem with studio manager be moved as a duplicate to the problem with motif?



Hello all,

To solve all confusion about this matter here is our latest update.
There is an issue on both sides, one that needs to be fixed by Yamaha and one that needs to be fixed on our side.
The cause of the problem in Cubase has been fixed but it will be included on the Cubase Pro 8.0.20 maintenance update.

Regarding the 01V96VCM, because this unit is not being produce anymore, the editor is not supported to be compatible with Cubase 8. In conclusion the 01V96VCM is officially not supported anymore, but it will actually work with Cubase Pro 8.0.20.

Best regards,

Dear Guillermo,

  1. First of all THANK you very much for finally bring a little bit of light into this matter.
    It is very good to know that at least Steinberg is indeed working on this problem. :smiley:

  2. It would be also very good to know if Steinberg has had any official statement from Yamaha that they are working on this problem as well. Namely from all the related posts on this Forum, it remains unclear.

  3. It is true that 01V96VCM is a legacy product from introduction of 01V96i (which is not using the SM),
    however a number of Yamaha digital mixers are actually using the same Studio Manager for their mixer’s editors:
    Studio Manager V2 Host V2.3.1 for Win (32-bit) Jul. 29, 2009
    Studio Manager V2 Host V2.3.1 for Win (64-bit) Mar. 17, 2010
    Studio Manager V2 Host V2.3.5 for Mac OS X Dec.14.2012

  4. These mixers are:

  5. I do not know how many owners have been using this very nice possibility of working with SM+Editor from within a Cubase project with a Total Recall for all the mixers parameters saved with the project.
    For me that was one of the important factors when deciding my setup at the time of purchase.
    And that is why I shall remain on 7.5.40 as long as this problem remains.
    please be so kind and keep us posted with any news (good or bad)
    thanks beforehand


That was the official reply we could get from Yamaha.

It is true that the 02R96VCM/DM2000VCM/DM1000VCM, are still current products, It seems that YCJ still has an intention to support the editor to work with Cubase 8. But YCJ has no plan to have regression test for their editors with Cubase 8.
So, not officially supported but should work with Cubase Pro 8.0.20
And it seems that the studio Manager in Cubase might not be supported in the future as you can see it hasn’t been updated in the past years.

Best regards,

Very disappointing! I upgraded to a new computer and Cubase 8 last week, fully expecting SM to work with my DM1000v2. I know, my fault for not checking, but this is one thing I’ve never had any problem with, and I assumed would work in C8 because Yamaha=Steinberg. Man was I surprised when I loaded my first 7.5 project into C8! Everything worked so beautifully up to 7.5.40. :slight_smile:

I will wait patiently for 8.0.20, with the hopes that Steinberg’s fix will make this somewhat usable. It’s really sad Yamaha has seemingly abandoned SM for owners of these consoles, I realize you can’t keep updating forever, but these are still great consoles IMO and deserve at least maintenance updates.

If someone has some Yamaha forum addresses they could post, I will be glad to add my voice to maybe get them to move on an update to SM. Possibly “just one last update” to fix this latest issue would keep us going for a few more years.

Thanks to Guillermo for his help on this!

Is it working with 8.0.20? Anyone tried?

Yes. The Yamaha Studio Manager is working in Cubase Pro 8.0.20. Thanks Steinberg!

One thing I notice is that the Yamaha editor window loads on screen before the recall window opens. In previous version the editor did not load but the Studio Manager window and the recall window would load. You had to double click the mixer ICON within the main studio manager window to open the editor. I guess I’ll have to get use to it.