Duplicate midi note when resizing or moving

Hi. I’m new to Cubase and this forum, so if I should have found this topic by searching, please forgive me and tell me where to find the correct thread…

I make my tracks by first recording from my MIDI keyboard and then editing and adjusting the midi notes in the piano roll afterwards. When doing so in Cubase, Cubase automatically creates a duplicate of my recorded note. This happens once for every note. If I decide to move or resize the new, duplicated note, it’s no problem.

Is there anywhere I can switch this duplication off?

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S. Berg

By default, holding down ALT while dragging a note will create a copy.
I have never heard of a copy happening when resizing, which leads me to believe the following…
Perhaps there are two duplicate notes in the MIDI part to begin with. When you move one the other is exposed giving the appearance of a duplicate.
This can happen if your keyboard controller is sending MIDI on multiple ports and you have “All MIDI Inputs” selected for the track.
A quick test…
If you move a note, and then move it again, is it still “duplicated”

SOLVED! This appeared after I set up the DirectLink for my Oxygen 49, so the keyboard was sending both through “DirectMusic” and “Windows Media”. I set “Windows Media” to inactive and now everything is working as it should. Thank you very much!


Glad to help! :smiley:

I am experiencing the exact same issue (in cubase 9 pro with macbook pro and I use Nektar Panorama as midi controller). However, I am not able to ’ translate’ the solution as mentioned above to my set up. Hopefully somebody op this forum can help me out.

It seems you are receiving information from more than one midi port. And you have your MIDI input set as All MIDI Input. Go to MIDI Port Setup and deactivate some ports for All MIDI Input