During playback, the playhead advances twice as often in Dorico 3.5 as it does in Dorico 4

During playback in Dorico 3.5, the playhead advances twice per eighth note. In Dorico 4, the playhead advances only once per eighth note. If I make a video of Dorico playing a score, the movement of the playhead is smoother and less jerky in Dorico 3.5 than it is in Dorico 4.

Perhaps this change was made to accommodate the iPad. This change is not documented in the Dorico 4 Version History, and I can’t find an option to set the frequency with which the playhead advances during playback. If no such option exists, would you please restore the previous behavior in the desktop version? Thank you.

There is indeed a difference in the way the playhead advances in Dorico 4 compared to Dorico 3.5, resulting from some improvements to the calculation and display of the time read-out in the Transport (which effectively drives the playhead position). We don’t have any immediate plans to revisit this, but please consider your displeasure with this change noted.

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Thank you for your honest answer. :slightly_smiling_face: