Dynamics mapping not working with steinberg's HSO template?

Getting to know C6. I have loaded the CPR supplied for Halion Symphonic Orchestra, using Halion Sonic SE, got it working, on the whole…

Woking with the Flute…

One thing which is not responding is the Key Editors lane for dynamics. I have checked the “Dynamics Mapping Set Up” dialogue box and initially it was set up for “Change Velocities” only - so I ticked Change Volume and set this to expression. Still no changes. If I adjust the expression in a conventional lane the instrument responds. The range function is set to pppp to fffff

Any ideas folks?

thanks Zero

Hmmm… it’s working o.k. here (but see below).
What are you hearing?.. all notes at the same (which?) level, or no level at all?
I was going to suggest trying a different patch in HAL (or even a different instrument altogether), but, since you say it is working o.k. with “regular” CC#11, it should also be working o.k. with VST Dynamics.
Just to be clear… is this not working while Cubase is playing, or just when chasing? (earlier versions of Cubase 6 did have a bug concerning this).
There still remains a problem with chasing VST Dynamics while simply auditioning notes in the Editors (i.e. while Cubase is in Stop, and simply clicking on a note).

Hello Vic thanks
for your help on this and other posts.

So far no luck :frowning: .

Its affecting the whole track. I am hearing notes they are all at the same level , unless I use the conventional expression lane to alter them then I get the dynamics of the curve set.
In the conventional cc lanes all is working and the vlevel is responing to both CC1 and CC11.

I have tried several settings in the “Dynamics Mapping Set Up” dialogue box, Do you mind lettting me know how yours is set please?

The articulations are changing

Maybe its something in the inspector?

clutching at straws… still rusty on all this stuff… :wink:

I never did anything special… here’s a screenshot…
(and, just to double-check… you have inserted various VST Dynamic events, with the pencil tool, in the VST Dynamics lane?)

Further tests reveal that this is effecting all HSO instruments but not other Halion Sonic instruments such as “Clean Blues Harp noteexp” The same track dragged to this instument loaded in the same cpr repsonds to note dynamics

just clarify that for me, please…
Tell me the name of one preset that does not work, and another one that does work (so I can verify here).

OK - so in Halion sonic SE with the Steinberg CPR loaded, after further tesats a few minutes ago, I find that Violine1 does respond to dynamics and Violine 2 does not (for example) most HSO patches dont repsond.
PS I am running in 64 bit. PSS.

Also, please tell me how you are loading the instruments (directly from a track preset, or are you adding an Instrument track then putting the preset into it, or are you using the VST Instruments rack with a “regular” MIDI track?)

I ma simply dragging a prewritten MIDI track around the project window - have done no tweaking except maybe the flute track

Will Answer the question above…

I simply loaded the CPR from this link, as I recall, Vic

The full orchestra one not the strings cpr


exact preset names, please (there is no “Violine1”) :wink:
Thanks for the 64-bit info (I was checking in 32-bit mode)

thanks for suppport Vic,
In my cpr there is a ‘Violine1’ and a ‘Violine 2’ double checked - this is not English spelling :wink:

Funny ?

Ah! at least I see where you got "Violine1 from! :wink:… I’ll check it…


the link above might not work Vic if you scroll down the post above, then you will see a link to the FTP site

No, that’s o.k. I have it. :slight_smile:

So far… I can confirm what you say.
… and it isn’t your fault… there’s definitely something a bit funky going on. (in other words, the problem seems to be those MIDI tracks, not the parts on them and their content)
I’ll let you know what I find :wink:

O.K. Found it (at least, if I am reading between the lines correctly;) )…
Is this (kinda) what you have been doing?..

  1. The template opens with several empty Parts on it, and you have entered some data (including VST Dynamics) into the Part on the track “Violine1” (and it plays o.k.)?
  2. You then move (or copy) that Part down onto the track named “Violine2”, and the VST Dynamics no longer work?

If that is the case (and this certainly isn’t your fault :wink: ), when you move/paste that Part, because no VST Dynamics lane has yet been set up for that track, it is initializing the VST Dynamics … for that new track… which defaults to Velocity, rather than Controllers.

On the “Violine2” track, just enter VST Dynamics Setup again, and verify if that is indeed what has happened. :slight_smile:

The important lesson (and I’ve just learned it too! :wink:, is that the VST Dynamics Setup is, apparently, independent per MIDI track.

Yes Vic I think this is the case. I have just loaded an entirely new project from the same CPR. Here are my findings:

1] Where I have not gone in and independently set the ‘Dynamics Mapping’ dialogue box to a tick in the “Send Volume” box (set to expression) then I get no dynamics, as soon as this box is ticked (and set to expression|)the instrument responds to dynamics…

2] The setting seems to be specific to each track, it does not travel with parts and its not global for the CPR or C6.[/b]

Couple of notes of caution -

a] some instruments don’t respond to the extreme dynamics like ffff and pppp (I think this is a setting for each instrument according to their virtually emulated ‘capabilities’)

b] Secondly one also has to initialise the MOD wheel setting to max.

Learning slowly…:slight_smile:

thanks for the support again VIc !

Correct on all counts! :smiley:
Yes, the presets in HALionSymphonic are a bit special… as you have noticed, their main volume is initially controlled by the modwheel. (while CC#11 still works as a kinda “sub-set”).
You might want to experiment, in the VST Dynamics setup, by activating (or maybe even replacing) the parameter, just underneath “Send volume” (which you have set to “CC11 Expression”), to “Send Controller” (and setting it to “CC1 Modulation”). It’s down to taste, which one will give the more satisfactory results :wink:.

Yes I will give things a go here - just setting up some comprehensive templates. I would have thought it would be a good idea to have a default preference for this ‘Dynamics Mapping’ setting. Each new track you have to set it again it appears - nothing in prefs I checked.

Still there are some wonderful new additions to C6, I adore it, its so capable and inspiring.

I just LOVE!!! the Note expression tech!

I agree. I think also, that, in the case we have just been looking at, when a Part is moved to a track which doesn’t yet have a VST Dynamics setup, it should be copied automatically from the mapping of the source track.

I just LOVE!!! the Note expression tech!

Me too :wink:
And, there are certain cases where it isn’t even restricted to VST3.5 instruments :wink: