Dynamics popover doubles dynamics - Bug?

Hi all,

is this a bug? : When I want to change a dynamic (like here change the fp into p), I double click on the dynamic, the popover opens and I replace the “fp” through “p” then Dorico sometimes doubles the dynamic and writes both dynamics (as you can see in the second line)
Is there some setting what one would have to change, that this is not happening all the time?
Or is it just a bug thats waiting for the next update to be corrected :grin:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-21 um 17.48.05

AFAIK not regarded as a bug, though it is certainly misleading UI. The issue is that you’re entering a different type of dynamic, the way Dorico handles them – p is an ‘immediate dynamic’ and fp is a ‘combined dynamic’ – so one doesn’t replace the other.

So you have to delete the previous dynamic, either before or after. It’s easier to delete before inputting the new one, if you want to filter to select. (Ironically, given the above distinction, filtering for Immediate Dynamics also gets the combined dynamics!)

This must have been discussed multiple times in the past 5 years. I’ll do a search.…

[Edit: This short thread from Sept. 2020 is the best and most succinct I found.]