E-Licencer Issue

Hi All,
Just purchased Cubase Artist 10 Last night. After installation I tried my code on elicencer and it keeps telling me I need to have USB licencer connected. It won’t do soft licence or give me any other option.
I created a ticket, they told me they will look into it in 2 days!! They gave me a password for my cubase shop sp I can follow my ticket but the password doesn’t work. I tried resetting password, it told me I don’t have rights to access the site!! There is not a single email address I can write to. Every email they sent says “don’t reply to this email” ?
Does anyone have any idea on how to fix elicencer issue? I have a job to deliver and don’t have any time to lose .

PS: How many more accounts will I have to open, passwords to remember in order to get this thing working anyways ?

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Regards :sunglasses: