E License Control errors Cubase 9 and 10

Hi, I hope I’m posting this in the right place, long story that will try be as brief as possible. I’ve had infrequent E licence control errors using Cubase 9.5 for a number of months approx 1 in every 20 startups . I moved to dongle from a hub to connect directly to the computer and this seemed to solve it. A couple of weeks back I installed a demo of Dorico and since then I have had continuous e licence errors on start up (few attachments added)I uninstalled to Dorico demo I updated to version 10 but still having the same problems. Ive also updated to the latest version of e licence centre. A lot of the errors seem to be related to Sonic SE but not exclusively. Any project using Halion se doesn’t load the instrument and if I do manage to start a new project if I create an SE instrument track Cubase crashes.
Tech Support have just replied today and they suggest unselling everything (Cubase, Elisence and installing all again) I’m prepared to do this but just wondering has anyone any other ideas before I try and do this. Has anyone come up against this before? If I have to uninstall everything how do I do this. Is there a way to completely remove all of Cubase. Just looking through my applications and there are versions of Cubase from 8 up on the computer.
Any help would be much appreciated even if it is just to confirm I need to uninstall everything

Mac Pro 24 g ram
OS El Capitan
MOTU 2408 MK3
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.09.23.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.08.32.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.01.00.png

Run the maintenance procedure in eLicenser Control Center. If that doesn’t work, I’d go with what tech support suggests.

I have read testimonies from people who have found weird eLicenser issues cleared up when they bought a new USB eLicenser and moved their licence(s) to it. That’s worth thinking about, especially if your eLicenser isn’t the latest short blue plastic type, but I would regard that as a last resort. Not only does this involve spending money for an uncertain chance of cure, but USB eLicensers can be tricky to find at present because of the ongoing 50% off sale on Cubase.

Thanks for reply, I just tried that there and still the same, I’d nearly prefer to buy a new dongle and chance it than uninstall everything

I would start by reinstalling the Elicenser, see https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001649984

Then I would, if possible, do tests to eliminate the usb port itself as the culprit.

After that I would go with David’s suggestion above. The newest dongles are sturdier due to their shorter length too.

Tried reinstalling e licence still the same think Ill try a dongle and see

There is a thread about these errors on the Nuendo 10 forum.


I’ve been getting them for several months now, and have tried everything including buying new E-licensers (mine were quite old, pre-2005) and while that helped a good deal, it hasn’t fixed the problem for me. Currently I get errors a couple of times a week (using Nuendo 8 every day) and I have to uninstall the E-lic app and re-install it, with the dongles removed, then run the maintenance routine. This usually fixes it, but last week I had to go through this routine 3 times before I was able to launch Nuendo.

I have raised a series of support tickets in MySteinberg, the last of which was started on 17th May and has so far not received any response.

The one thing I haven’t done is re-install Nuendo, Cubase and Halion 6 (I’ve had errors for each of these at different times)

I suppose that might be worth a try but’s quite a big job and I’m far from sure it will fix the problem. There is clearly a problem affecting the E-Licenser system on my system, affecting both computers listed below and 3 major Steinberg apps.

every now and than have to reinstall elicenser.
The worst is when elicenser doesn’t work during important session with many clients.
Very embarrassing In front of clients, time consuming, and inspiration killing

I wouldn’t say that buying a new (latest model) USB E-lIcenser is the last resort.
I would say it’s the immediate thing to do;

I used to have a first generation USB E-lIcenser and the number of E-licenser errors kept growing and growing over time and nothing
really helped in the end (constantly doing the dongle maintenance, clear memory functions and de-installing > reinstalling E-licenser software,
changing USB port etc).
Drove me crazy !

So then i bought latest gen USB E-Licenser (the small blue one, i believe it’s gen4) and whatta you know;
All my e-lic drama completely gone.

OSX 10.14.6 beta1
Cubase Pro 10 latest version.

I agree, and I thought the new dongle fixed the problem, but after a couple of weeks the errors returned. However the new dongle does allow faster launching of the apps, and the system is definitely less prone to errors with the newer dongle, so it helps.

  1. Run the e licenser installer and run the UNINSTALL
  2. Download and install the latest one
  3. TRASH the e licenser PREFS files
  4. Re boot Mac and go from there

Thanks for this response, I’ve done all of these, many, many times, except for trashing the Elic prefs. I’ll try that, thanks.