Had some Sony Fontopias for years (recommended to me by forum member Macc - anyone seen him recently?) which have been great, but the rubber lining is shredding exposing the wires now. Anyone have any recommendations for some new earbuds? If not I’ll probably get some more of these :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, and Cubase is great, to keep it on topic :wink:

Be careful with earbuds, their misuse is the #1 source of hearing loss for our younger generation, the world round.

Yeah thanks for that - I’m 48 and fully aware of how to and how not to use earbuds/headphones/monitors at high volumes etc. :slight_smile: I just need a new pair to listen at work … at low volume you’ll be pleased to hear, or not. :wink:

Try some parsley?

Thanks Ulf - for you that’s surprisingly helpful! :laughing:

I had a pair of bose but they never fit right. I just bought a new set of sennheizer cx55’s, fit nice and sound great

My pleasure! :mrgreen:

If you don’t mind spending the money, the triple-driver Shure SE535’s are beyond phenominal.


These earphones have redefined my portable musc listening experience. It’s a different thing than it was before - I can hear things I’ve never heard before in the music I listen to. Stunning really. But it costs close to $500, so it might be more than you want to spend.

Here’s a site with a lot of good info on earphones:


The Westone 3’s are supposed to be really good as well for $350, and also has triple drivers, although I’ve not heard them myself.

Oh wait, I see that the Sony Fontopias are like $30 or less. :astonished: So, I guess forget my recommendations above, which cost 10 to 15 TIMES higher than that. :laughing:

In terms of earbud styles, I like the “in-ear” kind that wraps around your ear but actually then goes into your ear canal because it completely blocks out all noise. Most of the time I listen to music on my iPod I’m on public transportation or outdoors, so I need that isolation. Great bass response that way as well.

I’m overjoyed! Your avatar appears to have had plastic surgery! Enjoy your hearing loss :wink: . Nasty things those buds. :confused: Parsley is a better idea!

No worries Tony :smiley: - no budget as such, so whatever I see that suits I will buy. The Fontopias were my first 'buds bought some years ago and I’ve been amazed how much I have used them - so better quality wouldn’t go amiss!

:smiley: Avatar was taken several years ago, but I don’t look much older now, and I’m still talking bollox so it’s quite apt!

No worries… sorry if my response seemed crusty :imp: , I have hearing loss due to earlier stupidity in my life, guess I am an evangelist of sorts on that front…

Earbuds will accelerate your chances of Tinitus, that’s not bollox!

My ENT specialist preaches that the only thing you should try to fit in your ear is your elbow!

But you’re all big lads, so you’ll do as you will! :wink: Cheers :sunglasses:

Put up a current picture and we’ll be the judge of THAT. :stuck_out_tongue:

So that means we shoulD NEVER listen to a portable music device EVER? Or maybe you mean that we should all switch to boom boxes. :slight_smile:

The key is just to listen at reasonable volume levels. I’ve not had any issues in my 25+ years of using earphones.

Eh - Did you say something?..

Of course moderation is the sensible way to go. When was the last time you had your ears tested? And the time before that(?), there’s where you need to see if there is any variance. Your brain will compensate quite a bit to pick up the slack, but sooner or later it will become loss you cannot recover. I always encourage music/sound professionals to get tested… EQ your head!

On or over the ear headphones are still safer than buds, but exposure should be limited to short durations.

Boom boxes are safer for sure, the other bus riders might not love you so much! :laughing:

There you go! Maybe slightly ‘healthier’ looking, but I still recognise myself! :wink:

3/4 guitar? Cheeky bugger! It was cold and I was wearing a big jumper and a thick coat! :imp:

Can I use a hearing aid and an earphone at the same time? :slight_smile: