Easily Switch mono track and plugins to STEREO!

Man this would be a HUUUGE Time saver. Every time I need to change a track from mono to stereo, I have to ADD A WHOLE NEW TRACK and then RE-ADD the plugins one by one and then manually plugin each parameter of every plugin again. It gets really frustrating. please make an easier way.

Hmm i get what you mean i normally convert midi to audio stereo or mono… then i freeze and hide vst’s and tracks…

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Yeah, that may work for midi, but with recording or mixing on the fly, it really takes away the flow of everything. Its tiring re- adding stereo plugins 1 by 1 :sob:

Would this be of any use?

I wrote down the steps to create a macro. Then assign the macro to a KC. That means 1 button to convert.

Naturally, others want a dedicated switch. But this should work until such time there is a GUI switch.

ok, ill try it and let you know

Yeah that doesnt work. It converts the audio event, not the channel. So all the inserts will be voided, and the print cant be undone. Almost makes things worse. lol, thanks for trying though. Think its time Cubase addresses this

Yeah, when you mentioned and plugins on a channel, I had to mentally think if that might work…or not. And it voided the plugs. It obviously does not. It should work with just an audio track without plug-ins. Thanks for checking it out, and I agree it should be addressed.

right now, i do something similar with a macro, create new stereo channel, copy content, convert to stereo and automation, copy plugs etc etc

also, a lot of times I render in place with full path (excl master fx).
So its in stereo and then archive the muted audio/tracks im left with.
If you use reverbs etc, just mute them before rendering, it will also render channel compressors and eq etc which i like to do.

Are you aware that if you click the little buttons to the left of the mixer panel you get your plugin lists across the channels and also sends? The full mixer window also has this ability but the project window seems easier to use to me.

You can then drag and drop all the inserts for a channel to another. Really useful for multi-track backing vocals for example.

Really useful also for setting up common reverb sends, and copying inserts and insert settings.

Wait, you made a macro that replaces all the exact inserts in the chain with its stereo version?

Yeah Im aware. Thats another subject though. That has to do with copying from one similar channel to another similar channel. eg. mono to mono channel inserts. Doesn’t really cut down the amount of time it takes to create stereo track and add stereo versions of a plugin and then tweak each individually.

I see. I picked up from the forum that it was a good idea to just use stereo configuration on tracks for everything, as stereo effects don’t work on mono tracks but do on mono recordings on stereo tracks.

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tried that. Unfortunately, cubase still recognises a stereo effect on a mono channel null, because it sees it as a mono output. Heres a video that kinda explains how annoying and also how OLD the problem is Stereo FX on Mono Tracks - YouTube

another example Stereo Plugins with Mono Recordings | CUBASE 9.5 - YouTube

Just sooo frustrating :sob:

no, i do that with key commands, its "command-shift-c"or something in the big mixer

luckely its not something i have to do all the time

But the point is there is no reason to use mono configurations in modern Cubase. When you select a mono source but select stereo configuration you get a mono track, no left and right, a single waveform, but plugins are stereo. No conversion needed. For example, I record a rhythm guitar and want a Haas effect, so I simply drop a stereo delay onto the insert effects of the mono track in stereo configuration and select my Haas preset.

What am I missing that someone would record a mono track on a mono configuration and then complain about needing to convert to stereo, when the correct approach is to select stereo configuration but a mono input at the point of recording and use stereo versions effects from the off?

Why do you use mono Tracks to begin with?

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I was taught to use mono tracks to keep things dead center

Either way, questions like this dont contribute to the conversation. Its either Cubase can, or cant switch between the two configurations quickly, like other daws…and we can leave it at that.

Well, we can also add …
Sending the same signal to two speakers makes the sound seems to emit from the middle. Whether you split the signal before the recording device, in this case the Cubasee Track, or after it doesn’t make a difference. It’s still dead center no matter what. So if you leave the mono signal alone but play it back on a stereo track, or you go mono all the way through will have no audible difference. Going mono is just a way of shooting your self in the foot for no other reason than you were taught so. CTRL+click on a panner and you will have all the dead center you will ever need and you can phase flip one of the tracks if you want to test and in the stereo out you will have dead silence! It’s only a problem if you want it to be, so for anybody else searching the forum and find this topic I’m trying to explain how it works in Cubase. So unless someone can provide a reason for a situation where there is an advantage to go mono all the way it’s just bad practice in the Cubase eco system to do it that way. I’d actually be happy to learn more ways to use Cubase so bring it on! :sunglasses:
Until then, sorry for trying to contribute to the conversation on an internet forum …