East West QL Piano - Stuck notes

I’m getting stuck notes using East West QL Pianos on C6. It’s random, like some notes here and there aren’t getting note off messages. If I open up the automation all the sustain pedal cc info is there just as I played it.
It doesn’t happen if I use Cubase 5, and also if I record the piano using the PLAY vsti in Cubase 5, then save the file and open it up in Cubase 6 it plays fine. It seems to be something to do with the recording of the part in C6. It doesn’t happen if I use Halion. It happens regardless of PLAY being loaded in the VSTi rack or as a VST instrument track. Anyone else having the problem?

Jsut as an addition to this, I recorded a part using Play QL Pianos in Cubase 6 and the notes were sticking. Saved the file and reopened it in Cubase 5 and it played fine. Then saved it and reopened it in Cubase 6 and no more sticking notes. BUT if I recorded new piano further down on the same midi track in the Cubase 6 project, notes started sticking again.

I had a similar problem with notes sticking in Cubase 5 with EWQL Pianos.

THanks for the reply Oliver. Did you try the upgraded Play version 2.1.1? It’s working flawlessly in Cubase 5, but the stuck notes have only started on Cubase 6. It’s a bit bizarre how if I open the file in C5 and resave it as a C5 project, it then plays back fine in C6.
It’s as if C6 is handling midi differently or adding data and C5 strips whatever the problem is out of the midi data.

Same thing here as well.

I have absolutely the same problem!!! :imp:
I’m in contact with the eastwest support for a year, and nothing changes. It’s incredible! I feel like driving a super car with broken breaks. Stuck notes randomly, they occur after having played a certain amount of notes, it occurs on my brandnew Mac Book pro and on both of my big Mac pro, both high end professional computers.
Does anybody know a solution?
I can’t work with this stuff! Which is a pity, because it sound very good… :cry:

I wanted to add, that in my case it’s an absolute CC64 problem, the notes don’t get the pedal off message… :exclamation:

I suspect I have the same problem. How did you solve it? Did Eastwest suggest a solution?

I didn’t solve the problem. I’m glad. I’m not the only one in the world with that problem, because this is what soundsonline tried to make me believe.
It must be a severe bug, if you use Cubase on Mac, cause I have the same problem on three different systems.
I also wrote to Cubase support.
Soundsonline proposed to put the content in another drive and put it back then, this hepled…not at all, of course!!! I wrote them the first time 10 months ago, they promised me to fix it…nothimg happened so far, it’s REALLY embarrassing!

I had the same problem in Cubase 5 and 6. Did you solve the problem?

And with the last update 3.0.21?

It happened here with Cubase 5 and Play 2. It continued to happen with Cubase 6 and Play 2 and still happens with Cubase 5/6 and Play 3.021

I’m having the same problem in 6.04… I switched to 6.04 because i was having the problem in 6.0. I haven’t contacted east west yet, but from what i see some of you writing is that their responses have been poor or non existent(or the usual blame game) … I read this is common from them. I will add however that their standalone player for this does not have the same problem. I will try it with protools if i can get it working properly and sawstudio… I’ll keep all informed.

Ed Croxford

Hello Ed,

I know that Eastwest support may seem arrogant and unhelpful sometimes, but sometimes they really listen. And due to the user feedback about this issue they seem to take it into account. I would strongly suggest that you contact their support as every single user’s report is really important.

That said, it seems that this problem only happens with the PLAY/Cubase combination. Does not happen in Logic or standalone.

I have this problem as well. I am using it through Cubase attached to VE PRO. I can confirm this was not a problem in Logic. It also appears from forums that this might only be happening on the EW Piano’s and not their other libraries. I question if that is really the case. Unfortunately this issue spooks me from using their PLAY interface.

I can assure you it happens with EVERY PLAY library out there. I am composing music for a documentary right now, and I have had this with Symphonic orchestra AND Gypsy. I am going nuts with this problem.

I feel your pain. Do we know if its only with Cubase?

I thought that until recently, but then a guy showed up in the EW forums and reported having the same problem with Digital Performer as well.

Having the same deal with PLAY 2 and C6 (x64). Only with the QLSO. I’m not using sustain pedal CC, so it’s not that.

Never happens stand alone.

Never happened with Play 1 and C4 (my previous set up). Didn’t notice it right away with this system, as I tend to use VSL and LASS more…but, using it for some woodwinds on the latest arrangement…and it’s sticking like nuts.

YIKES! Sad to say but I own many PLAY libraries but resample most of them to get them in Kontakt. They make such great libraries I really wish they could get PLAY to work without these show stopping issues.