EastWest Gold Expression maps?

Did someone make EW Gold expression maps? I am using their solo strings and assigned the HSO violin Solo expression map for now, but the violin keeps on playing trills instead of a sustained note, I assume this is because the wrong sample is being triggered.

I made some Maps today for the solo strings. Wasn’t that hard after all. Although only the articulations seem to be working, not the dynamics. I remember I had this problem also in an earlier version of Dorico.

I just started working on this today. And by that, I mean, I figured out how to get the EastWest 10Cellos patch to play in Dorico.

Could you tell me what issues you’ve run into so far with EastWestKS articulations? And did you resolve most of them?

I can see your original post is about a month ago, so I figure you have been at it for awhile…


I was able to make good working expression maps for the EW strings, but got weird noises like extra bass tones and tones playing that aren’t in the score, so I stopped working with maps. I am using the default player for now, maybe a next update will fix this.

If you’re getting extra bass tones and tones that aren’t written in the score, that strongly suggests that you’ve got some problems with the keyswitches you have defined in your new expression maps.

I didn’t even think of that possibility, that’s probably what was going on, thanks Daniel!


I guess will start, hope for the best and see how it goes.

Here are the onces I made for my project. EWQLSO solo violin, viola, cello and bass; and trumpet, trombone and tuba solo:
Archive.zip (10.6 KB)

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Daniel, I tried those EW Hollywood Strings Expression maps downloaded from your Steinberg website. These maps are generated prior to your admission to Steinberg. I tried and found an issue that Dorico 1.1 writes insufficient MIDI data to the exported MIDI file for any MIDI instrument track in a Dorico file that uses certain expression maps of those I used above. Such exported MIDI file, if you open that, you could see that it has lack of certain tracks of what I said above. I am afraid that you guys may want to perform a thorough test to those old expression maps on Steinberg website to check compatibility issues with Dorico.

P.S.: I also tried VST Expression maps of Vienna Special Collecions Volume I (fetched from VSL website) and found its piano expression map could cause exactly the same issue as well. Fortunately I suddenly realised that I don’t need a specific expression map in Dorico for piano.

I worked on the solo clarinet from EW. But I was unable to affect the dynamics. “pppppp” had no effect for instance.

I could be doing something wrong, but right now this makes it unusable to me.

I’ve not tried your maps yet.

I don’t think you need to create dynamics in the epxressions maps, isn’t Dorico handling that by itself? And I am not sure if I would hear the difference between ppppp and pppppp…

There’s no difference between ppppppp and fffffff. when Dorico handles it.

There is a known issue currently where dynamics that are edited don’t take effect correctly until the next time the score is loaded. There is also another issue which is fixed for the immediate update where the dynamic curve isn’t respected for patches that use note velocity (it works as expected for mod wheel instruments). Can you attach a score that shows the problem you are talking about because it’s working fine for me?

II got really frustrated with the clarinet patch not working no matter what I did.

So, after giving up, I then tried the Solo Bassoon and got it working!

Right now, I think the problem is, I did that edit where you unlock the padlock icon, but never relocked it on the clarinet. At least that’s what I think I missed. Go back and try it tomorrow.

Andre -
Not sure on all your patches, because only looked at one so far, but on the Play interface you can unload all those articulations that aren’t being used if you want a lighter load, by unclicking the boxes…

You may know that already, but thought I would mention it.

I’m going to upload whatever new patches I make that you haven’t. (probably couple days from now)

Thanks, I did know that, but I didn’t realize it could make things faster. Good idea.

Well, in theory, I think it does. But haven’t tested it for sure.

When I zip the Dorico file using the Play player, the forum rejects it as too big,

With SE it’s small enough, but SE already works fine.

Okay, I figured it out. Sorry about the extra measures. I hacked away at the composition, and wasn’t certain how to clear the empty one.
dynamic test1.zip (499 KB)

…also, although I went ahead and made my own string maps, but since the dynamics didn’t work, I tried Andre’s to see if they would. They wouldn’t either, but they are the ones loaded currently.

The expression parts work.

So unless something else is wrong, I assume it’s the bug you mentioned?