Echo on the audio track with a microphone


I’m coming to see you for a little question! I have an echo problem on my audio track, I have my microphone plugged into my sound card [Steinberg UR12] and I feel like I hear double … I do not know or it may come, but I can not record because the sound is inaudible. I’m waiting for your answers! thank you

Salut à toi, tu t’enregistres avec un DAW? Si oui tu entends sûrement le DAW plus le direct monitor. Essaye de désactiver le direct monitor pour n’entendre que l’output du DAW

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I have a similar if not the same issue with my UR22C. Even when not connected to a computer but still powered I hear a reverb/echo effect through the head phones when I have them directly plugged in to the interface. Does anyone know if this has to do with the USB interface itself?