Edit history?

Does Dorico 4 now have that much -requested “edit history”? (I’ve searched the forum and online, but no mention of it that I can find.)

Thanks. . .


No, not yet.

(Also, just to be clear: do you mean versioning? Or a literal list of all the edits made? The answer is currently the same for either, but I’m curious which you mean.)

Hi, Romanos;

I mean a list of all edits made while working on a particular project, which allows one to knowingly undo / redo steps. Steinberg’s Cubase has had it for decades, as have many other quality programs. Alas, this is a disappointment. . .

I imagine this would be similar to the “history” window in Photoshop. It would be extremely useful!

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I may be mistaken, but I think Daniel had mentioned that it’s been on a list of future improvements – many have asked for it – but I guess it didn’t make it this time.

There is a way of creating ‘versions’ which automatically creates a new version of your score by appending a sequential number to its title and leaving your old score intact on disk. OK it’s not very sophisticated but it got me out of jail a few times.
There’s no menu item for this, you have to set a keystroke. You’ll find it in Preferences>File>Save New Version and set your keystroke to suit you. Mine is Cmd+Cntrl+S (on Mac)

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Peter, I use a similar system for my files; but this is not exactly what thinkingMusic had in mind. What Edit History here is about is a way to see a list of all edits made in a given session (some programs provide a pull-down list from the Redo icon) so that one could revert to a given edit without having to cycle back through each edit in sequence, something more difficult than usual because of how Dorico administers its Redo function.