Jump history

The jump command appears to have an algorithm of keeping the last used command, and then a handful of other commands which appear to be random - but they don’t seem to change either. For example


In this session I’ve used four different commands and the last one appears at the top, followed by four others (Split Flow … etc) which I never use. Go To Bar is redundant anyhow since I’d probably use the Go To entry for that anyhow.

Would it be more sensible to keep a history buffer here and only show it when you hit the down arrow? I’m constantly reusing a couple operations, if they were buffered and displayed in the Jump dialog that would be a big productivity boost. Keeping a buffer of the last five commands would fit the existing jump dialog pattern and be enough.

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When you show the jump bar, the text field is pre-populated with the last command you executed, and the list is populated with the five commands you have used most frequently in the whole time you’ve been using the jump bar.

You can read more about the jump bar here:

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Sorry, I should have checked that. Strange though that the list hasn’t been updating for me.

I think it has, it just perhaps means that you really have performed those five commands more often than you think.

Oh - no I get it, I switch between two computers and a iPad (and just decommissioned and replaced one of the computers) - I think no single one of them has built up a sufficient history yet to be useful.

Hi @dspreadbury,
The topic here reminded me for a feature that I really like in Cubase, and it’s very helpful - Edit > History…

Would be enormously useful if we are have the same History management dialog in Dorico, too.
It creates log of all operations done during the session and we can easily Undo, or Redo to the desired one.

About the Jump Bar, would be great if we can set the number of stored operations in the Preferences.

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:


You say this as if it hasn’t been requested at least a dozen times before.


I haven’t seen any of these requests before. Otherwise I wouldn’t ask for it. :slight_smile:

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A history log is a pretty common feature. The Dorico approach of most common over time is a variation you don’t see often. Seems a bit redundant given the shortcut feature - since we can assign shortcuts mnemonics to most our all time frequently used commands I’d probably find a straight recent history list more useful in the context menu.