Editing CC in selected notes only


In a complex MIDI part with lots of notes, is it possible to select a bunch of them and modify a CC curve (or velocity) by drawing a curve in the CC lane with the pencil, without modifying unselected notes ?


Are you talking about “Regular” CCs? (as opposed to Note Expression)
If so, then remember that a CC acts on a MIDI channel, not on individual notes, so that CC will always modify all notes on that MIDI channel, whether selected or not.
Velocity, on the other hand, does work on individual notes. But… when editing them with the pencil tool (or the Line tool), the pencil will, again, modify the velocity of all notes that it touches (whether selected or not), unless there is more than one note at the same position (i.e. a chord), and you select just one of them (or at least, not all of them), in which case it will modify only the selected note(s) at that position.
That’s as regard free drawing. But, if you just wish to scale the velocity of selected notes, you can do so by editing the velocity value that appears in the Info line (and it will scale all selected notes accordingly), or you could also Shift+Ctrl (or Shift+Cmd on Mac) and drag vertically on any of the selected notes.

Thank you. I phrased my question much too quickly, I’m afraid. Of course velocity is per-note while CCs are per-channel. I was trying to work with velocity, actually. Imagine a quick arpeggio recorded live. You select, for example, all the C3 notes (command+click on the piano roll). Then, if you want to draw a precise curve for those notes only (not scale, stretch or otherwise mass-manipulate), is there a way to accomplish this without cutting the notes, pasting somewhere else, drawing the curve and pasting them back in place?


You already know the answer (unfortunately :wink: ).

How unfortunate… Thanks.

Wait a second, am I understanding this wrong?

Altostratus wants to edit velocity of selected notes, using the pencil tool.

Here, holding down shift will constrain the edit to selected notes.

With the line tool (except for paint brush) there’s no need to hold down shift.

Or I have missed the point?

OMG SteveInChicago is correct. You certainly haven’t missed the point. Thank you very much !

:blush: :blush:
Apologies. I don’t think I had forgotten that… I think I possibly never knew :wink: :slight_smile:

Not everything is documented, which gives a chance for guys like me and Vic, me in this instance :stuck_out_tongue: to look real smart. :wink:

At the moment, my cheeks look like they are smarting! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this topic should be a sticky to show forum members that there are even MIDI-related things in Cubase that vic_france didn’t know about… :laughing: My guess is this function came into existence by accident and even our friends in Hamburg didn’t know it. :sunglasses:

Thanks Steve, this is fantastic, this was urging me on the current project in particular. I have been using MIDI: Function: Velocity… which just scales or compresses like the grab handles do in the velocity lane for the selected notes.

There are so many things I keep finding in Cubase that make me feel that Steinberg actually uses the software they program on real projects! Now for Pro Tools and Logic 8 and up, or better yet FL Studio up style offline automation editing and I should be set (until I’m not of course)!

I believe that most of the developers and tech support people are indeed musicians who use Cubase!