Editing multiple Chord Events not working with the Chord Editor

In Chord Track, it isn’t possible to edit multiple Chord Events simultaneously with the Chord Editor (double-click), the settings are only effective on the leftmost Event in the selection.
The expected behavior is that the modifications are applied to all selected Chord Events.
For comparison, when we tweak the settings from the Info Line, everything works fine.

chord events multi edit

The Chord Editor should also include (when multiple Chord Events are selected) a setting so we can choose between “Keep relative offset” and “Apply to all” for the Root Key, next to the MIDI Input button for example. This way it will be consistent with the behavior of the Info Line when holding the CTRL key.

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imo, the current way this works looks broken.

Since the functionality is available in a clear way from the info line, my request would be that in this exact case, Cubase automatically deselect the objects that will not be modified, rather than adding functionality. Personally I don’t even want a notification about it, though I suppose it would be useful.

Yes, but not all parameters are available in the info line.
For example what if I want to add a 7 to all of my selected chords, or change the bass note ? I would then have to edit them one by one with the Chord Editor ? That’s not quite logic to me, and not to mention that the main tool for editing the Chords is supposed to be the Chord Editor and not the Info Line.

Imo, even if the Info Line gets updated to display extended chords and bass notes, the Chord Editor is much more convenient to use since all options are listed in one single place, while with the Info Line we’d have to open the different drop-down menus separately, that’s twice the number of clicks required.

It’s confusing to me, the way you phrased your post.

It sounds though like you mainly want the new functionality you discuss.

If there’s a bug, it’s that the display of chord symbols on the chord track don’t correspond with the actual selection that is active. Everything else in your message requests added features.

I do agree it would be nice to have, though for myself it would be very low on the priority list.

Maybe you can modify your post so it reads like an FR rather than a bug report.

Yours is confusing too. :laughing:
I mainly want the Chord Editor to take effect on all selected Chords, just like the Info Line.
If this is working with the Info Line, why is it not working with the dedicated Chord Editor ?
It’s as if we select several Audio Events and when we try to move them, only the first one moves…
Isn’t that the greatest common sense that when multiple objects are selected in a software/OS, the associated controls are supposed apply to all those selected objects ?
So that’s indeed a real issue. Maybe not a “bug”, but an issue.
I really don’t understand how it is possible to consider this a “new feature”…

And as for the Feature Request part, I’d like the Chord Editor to feature an option as explained in the first post, and eventually the Info Line to feature all the Chord parameters, that is, the 7/9/11 thingy and the Bass note, so that it matches with the Chord Editor.


Yes that’s it, sorry for the confusion.
The feature requests are also low priority for me, the multi-selection thing being more important.