Editing velocities of non-adjacent notes

Something I used to do a lot in Dorico 3.5 was select a few specific notes in the score editor (often non adjacent notes), and then go into Play Mode and adjust their velocities. Their relative velocities would stay the same. I’m trying to do that in Dorico 4, but when I adjust the velocities, they don’t retain their relative values.

In this example I’m trying to decrease the velocities of the non-accented notes while retaining the diminuendo shape.

Other than that, I love all the new velocity editing tools.


Hi. You should learn the new tools Play mode has to offer. You could select with the proper selection tool (is it the most on the right one?) and change all dynamics at once with the delta feature. Or use the % feature. Way faster and probably more efficient.

I believe non-adjacent notes can currently only be edited relatively using Histogram mode.

But why not select all the notes, if the result is simply to maintain the accents and lower the whole decrescendo ? Delta or % make totally sense in that context.

The idea is to keep the accents exactly as they are, but only change the non-accented notes. I think delta only works for adjacent groups of notes. What is the % feature? Did a quick search but couldn’t find anything.

You’re right, the histogram gets the job done, so that will probably be my method. Although the simple select and drag method in 3.5 was a lot easier, I think.

I minimize the Piano Roll Editor view as much as possible and slide it down. The control buttons of the histogram then remain easily accessible in the middle. Set to “Selection” you can now edit the note volume directly in the writing view.
In my opinion, it would be even better to edit directly with an overlay in the note editor itself. (faster and space-saving)

My dream: this overlay controls the temporal playback offset AND the volume offset via [keyboard shortcut+mouse wheel]. Both as an offset to the noted instructions! So that the noted instructions continue to work and are not overwritten, but only finely adjusted. It doesn’t matter if it’s velocity or CC control. A piano roll view would then no longer be necessary for most playback work.

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What I only noticed later: in the Velocity Editor you can not only select several events with the normal multi-select tool, but you can also edit thisl selected items with this tool RELATIVELY - you can simply leave the tool activated and edit marked notes of the score RELATIVELY to each other - very practical.
Simply ignore the blue marking frame that may appear briefly again and click it away and use the mouse to drag the marked items up or down.

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Ah yes, this works, thanks! I’ve been using the histogram, but I much prefer being able to see all velocities at once, even if I’m just editing a few.

I’ve discovered that editing velocities with the multi-select tool has no effect on playback. This might be a bug.

Yes - that will surely be a bug. Should it be reported in a separate thread?
Ah - I see - it’s already happened.

It’s mentioned in this thread: Dorico midi note velocity editor issues

Daniel says they have plans to fix it in a future update.