El Capitan Compatibility

PG, can you give us any information on when we’ll be good to upgrade? Steinberg has been awfully quiet about this…extremely frustrating!

Thanks for your help.

Thinking about “upgrading” to OSX 10.11 El Capitan? Maybe hold that thought for a while.

The admin computers (and everything else but my main mastering computer) here are all mac. Made the “upgrade” on the main one.

I have never seen so many crashes … in that the computer just shuts down and restarts itself without any warning at all … in all the mac OS I have had.

Doing onerous tasks like typing a Word docx and the thing just suddenly closes down … no warning at all/everything lost … and reboots itself.

Want to do an MFiT droplet check? Bizarre message suggesting that it requires “Snow Leopard or newer”?!?!

Goodness knows how this OS would do if taxed by any DAW.

This may perhaps hint towards why not much has been said.

I am very happy that my personal main mastering computer is Windoze 7 professional and ridiculously stable.

Reason for edit: Avid has now qualified 10.11 with PT12.3

I installed El Capitan on my non-critical Macbook Pro and haven’t had any issues. Not exactly pushing it hard and I’ve not done any DAW work as yet. I’ll try loading up Wavelab when I get time. Pro Tools 12.3 and Studio One have announced compatibility. These are my other two main DAWs. I’m in no rush to ‘upgrade’ my main studio machine but the lack of any official compatibility announcement regarding Wavelab is the main reason I’m not at the moment.

Yes, I see that Avid has now qualified 10.11 for PT12.3 so I have edited my post to reflect that. However, unless there is a pressing need to do so, an OS “upgrade” to an essential computer that you earn your living from is always worth thinking carefully about.


I know some users working fine on El Capitan.
Personally, I reverted because with El Capitan, my Windows/Mac network connection does not work. Nothing related to WaveLab.

Thank you so much for the sign of life here PG! It’s been complete radio silence so your voice is very much appreciated here. Have you actually used El Capitan? Is there any official word on if Wavelab is good to go or not? It’s frustrating as the official Steinberg information on this has just gone completely silent!

Thanks again - Drew

As already mentioned, I know some users working fine on El Capitan with WaveLab.

I just did a 10 minute test with WL 8.5.30 and OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan and didn’t find any issues. I obviously can’t test everything but nothing looked strange compared to 10.10 and I was able to render a DDP, and do some RX5 processing on an audio file.

I’m traveling now and don’t have ability to test on a professional sound card, so this is just a simple test with the MacBook Pro line out.

We have a knowledge base article online now:

Thanks Ed. Can you tell us when the update will be available or give us any further information?

As soon as we have a date or time frame, it will be published there.

Thanks Ed.

PG, any timetable yet for an update?

Guys, with all due respect, PG says Wavelab is working fine for people he knows on El Capitan, but Ed and SB says it’s incompatible. Can you please let us know exactly whats up here? Need to add another machine to my rig and can’t make a move until I get a clear answer!

Thanks - Drew

The two statements are not mutually exclusive; both can be true. One is the official statement, the other is the experience of people who were lucky, apparently. And you can ofcourse add a machine that does not have El Capitan on it.

Absolutely! Ask around and you can probably find a coupla guys that might not be that happy with their PT after being told it would be “compatible”.

I can’t tell you today when an update will be released, but what I can tell is that WaveLab 8.5.30 will work fine with El Captain, unless you have a USB Audio device. IOW, the current technical problem to solve is playback on a USB Audio device. If you are not concerned with this, you can already use WaveLab 8.5.30 on El Captain.

Thank you PG, that’s really all I needed to know as I’m using Thunderbolt UA gear.

Cheers - Drew

Do you know whether this is true also for Cubase?

I’m running a test El Capitan partition and Wavelab seems to be functioning as it does with Yosemite. The new OSX features don’t appear to be changing my life so I’m in no rush to upgrade my business critical systems. I’m running a TB audio interface.