Elastic mouse

I noticed a new strange behavior, I don’t know if it is since last 8.0.30 update but it sounds like…

Apparently, it happens only in piano roll editor : when I drag a note with the mouse, the note doesn’t follow the mouse cursor at the same speed ! The note doesn’t start at the same speed and goes faster and faster to try to catch the mouse :unamused: … As if there was an elastic between the note and the mouse! :confused:

Am I the only one to have this strange mouse / note behavior ? :question:
Is it a new feature (If it is, I don’t see the interest) and if it is, how can I deactivate it ?

Thanks !

Lots of people reporting “lag” in graphics in the key editor which I guess is what you are describing.

Steinberg have acknowledged and made it an official bug.

Ah ! Thanks for reply !
I didn’t find anything by searching “elastic” in the forums ! :mrgreen:
I anguished of being the only one !

It’s mostly discussed in here I think.